64 Photos - Oct 6, 2013
Photo: Dinner at Tarantino's on our first night in Kiev.  We were hoping for Ukrainian food but hey American-Italian will do.Photo: Outside the cabinet building with Roman Popadiuk (First US Ambassador to the Ukraine and Principal at Bingham McCutchen), Gabriel Baldinucci (Chief Strategy Officer, Singularity Labs), Ilja Gruen (Managing Partner, Silicon Valley Innovation Center), yours truly, and Victor Galasiuk (First VP of BIONIC Hill Innovation Park)Photo: Inside the dining hall of the chapel at Kyiv Mohyla University.Photo: Kyiv Mohyla.Photo: The chapel at Kyiv Mohyla University.Photo: Outside the chapel at Kyiv Mohyla.Photo: My fellow US travelers - Ilja and Gabriel.Photo: Photo: I could have been a contender!Photo: My name in cyrillic!Photo: With Roman Popadiuk - he was the first ambassador from the US to the Ukraine when the Iron Curtain fell in the early nineties.Photo: We were treated to a boat ride on the Dnieper River (Kiev is located on both banks).Photo: Gabriel, Roman, and Victor.Photo: Natalia and our translator.Photo: Visiting the construction site for Bionic Hill Innovation Park.Photo: Natalia explains the construction.Photo: My favorite meal in Ukraine was at this Soviet-themed restaurant.  The happy man above me is Kruschev!Photo: Inside the Soviet-theme restaurant.Photo: Authentic Chicken Kiev - dripping with butter!Photo: Kiev contains beautiful cathedrals and monasteries from the 13th century.Photo: Photo: Photo: History everywhere.Photo: Historic concrete building with animal sculptures.Photo: With my new pal Victor.Photo: Behind us is the presidential residence built during Soviet times.Photo: View of beautiful Kiev.Photo: Entering the monastery.Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: This statue overlooks the city.Photo: Photo: The original walls revealed.Photo: Modern easter egg sculpture.Photo: Photo: Ancient mural.Photo: Photo: Meeting at the offices of BIONIC Hill where we met the founder Vasyl Khmelnytsky, a real estate magnate.Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Meeting at the City Adminstration Offices (City Hall)Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: At the launch ceremony (L-R): Dimitri Podoliev (Managing Partner, iHub Incubator), Ilja Gruen, Volodymyr Semynozhenko, Gabriel Baldinucci, and yours truly.Photo: Taking photos of our name placards.Photo: A big fish tale.Photo: Before the press conference.Photo: Before the press conference after the launch ceremony (L-R): Dmitry Shymkiv (GM, Microsoft Ukraine),  Victor Galasiuk, Gabriel Baldinucci, me, and Iwona Dmochowska (Education Services Manager, Hewlett-Packard Poland).Photo: Listening attentively at the press conference.Photo: I hope I'm making sense! :)Photo: With our moderator Pavlo Sheremeta (President of the Kiev School of Economics).Photo: At the press conference after the launch ceremony (L-R): Dmitry Shymkiv (GM, Microsoft Ukraine), Iwona Dmochowska (Education Services Manager, Hewlett-Packard Poland), Victor Galasiuk, Gabriel Baldinucci, yours truly, and our moderator Pavlo Sheremeta (President of the Kiev School of Economics).Photo: Meeting Volodymyr Semynozhenko, Chair of the Parliament Committee on Sciences and Technology.Photo: The ceremonial opening of the university as Vice Prime Minister Kostiantyn Gryshchenko cuts the ribbon.Photo: Meeting at the office of Olexander Popov, the Head of Kyiv City State Administration.Photo: Photo: With Ilja and Gabriel at Kyiv Mohyla for the launch ceremony.Photo: