24 Photos - Apr 28, 2012
Photo: Sweet ClairePhoto: Elias and his "dragon"Photo: Photo: My 89-year-old grandma, my MI niece & nephew, and me!Photo: More sweet baby facesPhoto: Photo: She has a good pout, too.Photo: He loves his sister!Photo: LOVES playing outside!Photo: Photo: Awww...I love how E is looking at C so sweetly.Photo: Photo: Photo: Mom & daughter timePhoto: E had to ask his daddy all about what he was doing...and why.Photo: a dreamy tulip picturePhoto: He's SUPERMAN!Photo: Believe it or not, this was the best of the shots...so we have eyes closed and choking babies, but at least we all look mostly alive...Photo: Grandma and ClairePhoto: A little photo shoot...Photo: ...with more pouting...Photo: ...and wiggling...Photo: ...and smiling...Photo: ...and bubble blowing.