228 Photos - Aug 20, 2013
Photo: Dr Amr Taher Ahmed, specialist on Persian and Kurdish literature, Harvard University 2016Photo: Yakup Karademir, translator, Kurdish Institute in Paris, 2016Photo: Gerard Gautier, specialist in Kurdish language, working on the archives in the Kurdish Institute in Paris, 2016Photo: Kak Şeref, Kurdish Institute in ParisPhoto: Kendal Nezan, president of the Kurdish Institute in ParisPhoto: Îbrahim Seydo Aydogan, Kurdish scholar and writer, Paris 2016Photo: Prof. Jouyce Blau, Kurdish Institute in ParisPhoto: Qaşang Abdulla, teacher of the Kurdish language and Kurdish TV broadcaster with her daughter, London 2016Photo: Soran, the filmaker, London 2016Photo: Mansoor Izadpanah, translator, Kurdish artist rights campaigner, editor of the website: http://kurdishartistrights.com/?page_id=2&lang=en , London 2016Photo: Qaşang Abdulla, Kurdish language teacher and tv broadcasterPhoto: Sarah Panizzo, co-founder of the Gulan Kurdish Cultural Charity, London 2016: http://www.gulan.org.uk/about-us/Photo: Mamosta Aladdin, teacher of the Kurdish language, Kurdish Community Centre, Haringey, London 2016Photo: Ako Hama Kurshid, the filmaker, Luton 2016Photo: Kak Fryad, the owner of Polish shops, Luton 2016Photo: Himan Ramzi, the Turkmen activist, Hawler, 2015Photo: director of the Turkmen Cultural centre, Hawler 2015Photo: Corn seller, SuleymaniyaPhoto: Yezidi photographers during the opening of their exhibition of Yezidi people living as refugees after the ISIS invasion on their land, Festival Gelawej, Suleymaniya, 2015Photo: Mehmet Dicle, Kurdish (Kurmanji) writer living in Istanbul, Istanbul 2015Photo: Girl, Qoser (Kızıltepe), 2015Photo: Seywan Saeedian in his studio in Diyarbakir. Seywan is an artist born in Mahabad, living and working in Diyarbakir at the moment, 2015Photo: Resul Geyik (in the centre) with his familly in Diyarbakir, 2015. Resul is English/Kurdish  simultaneous translator and English lanuage teacher at the Mardin Artuklu University where the first Kurdish language department in Turkey has been opened.Photo: Mikail Bilbil, Kurdish language teacher from Mardin Artuklu University, Qoser (Kızıltepe), 2015Photo: Ibrahim Xelil, a Kurdish language teacher in front of Kurdi Der where he works, Diyarbakir 2015.Photo: Sidar Bozkur, English language teacher from Mardin Artuklu University, Mardin 2015Photo: Evin and Şevin, DiyarbakirPhoto: Ibrahim Halil Azarkan and Abdullah Şahin from Nûbihar association, Diyarbakir, 2015Photo: Aburrahman Aslan, Medeni Öğüt, Hulusı Alkan, Nûbihar association , Batman 2015Photo: Aydin Üneşi, Kurdish language teacher and the specialist on Said Nursi in his home in Batman, 2015Photo: Buzlupinar 2015, Buzlupinar is the well known busstop between Serhat's mountains and Diyarbakir's plain in the south, a symbolic crossing between two a bit different regions of Northern KurdistanPhoto: Ahmet Köroğlu in front of his village near Bazit (Doğubayazıt), North Kurdistan/Turkey, 2015Photo: Rain, Mr Tilki and turists in the Ararat Hotel, Bazit, 2015Photo: Entrance, Bazit 2015Photo: Rana and Ruveyda, Bazit 2015Photo: SwingPhoto: Window, Bazit 2015Photo: Esmanur, Bazit 2015Photo: Mother and doughter, Bazit 2015Photo: Grandma with grandson, Bazit 2015Photo: Grandpa, 2015Photo: Cousins, Bazit 2015Photo: Ruveyda with mirror, Bazit 2015Photo: Self portrait with mirror, Bazit 2015Photo: Cousins, Bazit, 2015Photo: Ferhat, Yakup and Esmanur, Bazit 2015Photo: Twins, Bazit 2015Photo: Ayten, Fettah, Rana and Azad, Bazit 2015Photo: Door, Bazit 2015Photo: In front of the hause, Bazit 2015Photo: Generations, Bazit, 2015Photo: Mobile phones, Bazit 2015Photo: Women, Bazit 2015Photo: Semanur, Bazit 2015Photo: Helil and Sihem with their two doughters. They are refugees from Rojava (Amude), trying to find their new life and hope in Erbil, April 2015Photo: Amir, Rana and Danyar.
Dr Amir Zebari is a physicist.  At present he works at the Salahaddin University, Erbil. The picture was taken in front of their hause in Masif 2015.Photo: Mahabad Qaradaghi, Kurdish poet, writer, translator and women rights activist, in front of the Kurdistan Women Union Institute where she works, Erbil 2015Photo: Dr Narin Akrawi, Lecturer at Department of Software Engineering at the Salahaddin University. Institute of Research and Developement-Kurdistan, Erbil 2015Photo: Music Teacher, Salahaddin University, Erbil, 2015Photo: Kale, Cra and Ferhang, Erbil 2015, Dr Ferhang Muhamad works at the College of Basic Education of Salahaddin UniversityPhoto: Children, Erbil 2015Photo: Boy, Erbil 2015Photo: Youths, Erbil 2015Photo: Father with his sons, Erbil 2015Photo: Popcorn seller, Erbil 2015Photo: Youths, Erbil 2015Photo: Renata Trzcińska, the Polish consul in the Kurdistan Region of Iraq, Erbil 2015Photo: Men watching the news after the blast in Ainkawa, Erbil, Tairawa, 17.04.2015Photo: Music shop, Koye, 2015Photo: Chicken seller, Koye, 2015Photo: A tailor, Koye 2015Photo: RTV service, Koye 2015Photo: At a shoemaker, Koye 2015Photo: Dr Walid M. Hamad, the President of Koye UniversityPhoto: Taking pictures in Emne Sureke (The Red Prison), Suleymaniya, 2015Photo: Taking pictures,  Emne Sureke, Suleymaniya 2015Photo: Girls visiting Emne Sureke (Red Prison), Suleymaniya 2015Photo: Agrin, Suleymaniya 2015Photo: Dr Choman Hardi, Kurdish poet and scholar, women rights activist, American University of Suleymaniya, April 2015Photo: Peyman and Shadi, two women traveling with me from Suleymaniya to Erbil, April 2015Photo: Fahriye Adsay, the teacher, translator, editor in chief of Kurdish language "Zarema" Journal, Diyarbakir 2014Photo: Dr Ibrahim Bor, philosopher, director of the Department of Philosophy at Artuklu University, MardinPhoto: Assyrian cleric from Deyrulzafaran Monastery near Mardin, 2014, North KurdistanPhoto: Roni War, Kurdish writer and journalist, Mardin 2014Photo: Carpenter, DiyarbakirPhoto: Ahmad Kani, teacher and journalist, the owner of Wêje û Rexne (Literature & Critic) Journal, Diyarbakir 2014Photo: Youths from Ikinci Yeni cafe in Diyarbakir, 2014Photo: Mehmet Eren, journalist, director of the Kurdistan TV Diyarbakir officePhoto: Adem Sönmez, photographer, Muş, North Kurdistan (Turkey), 2014Photo: Girls, Muş, 2014Photo: Girl, Muş, 2014Photo: Gülistan and Zehra in front of the remnants of old Armenian building, MuşPhoto: Gülistan, poet and writer and Nevzat Eminoğlu, academic and teacher at the Department of Kurdish Language and Literature at Alparslan University, with their children in Muş, 2014Photo: Travellers, Van, North Kurdistan (Turkey), 2014Photo: Grandma and her grandsons, Bazid (Doğubayazıt) 2014Photo: Esmanur, Bazid, North Kurdistan, 2014Photo: Sheperd, near Bazid, 2014, North KurdistanPhoto: Crossing 01, Istanbul 2014Photo: Crossing 02, Istanbul 2014Photo: Sidqî Salah, one of the directors of the "Binkey Jin" institute which aim is to create the Kurdish archive of documents, pictures and newspapers, Suleymaniya South Kurdistan (Iraq) 2014Photo: Mazhar Khaleghi, musician, director of the Kurdish Heritage Institute in Suleymaniya, 2014Photo: Rauf Begard, writer, translator, director of the Serdem Institute in Suleymaniya and editor in chief of Serdem journal, 2014Photo: Dr Fuad A. Ommar, philosopher and writer, with his wife in Suleymaniya, 2014Photo: Dr Aram Ali Mustafa, director of the Kurdology Center at the University of Sulaymaniya, 2014, South KurdistanPhoto: Nahid Hosseini, poet, journalist, translator, activist, at her home in Koye, South Kurdistan, 2014Photo: Dr Dilan Majid Rostam 
Vice President for Scientific Affairs at the University of Koye, Koye 2014Photo: Dr Haidar Lashkry Khidir, academic, resercher and teacher at Koye University, Koye 2014Photo: Mouafaq Rushdie, theater director, actor and teacher in the Theater Institute in Duhok, Duhok, South Kurdistan (Iraq), 2014Photo: Khozik Nalbandi, the young director and Dilman Idris, the actor in the monodrama by Eugene O'Neil, Duhuk 2014Photo: Kovan Khanki, academic, researcher, specialist on Yezidis, Yezidi Cultural Center - Lalesh, Duhok 2014Photo: Ehmedê Zero, poet, writer, owner of the bookstore in the center of Duhok, 2014Photo: Christians selling devotional items, Shaqlawa 2014Photo: Christians selling devotional items in Shaqlawa, 2014Photo: Mullahs, Shaqlawa 2014Photo: Supporters of Goran Party Movement, Shaqlawa 2014Photo: Ayet, Shaqlawa 2014Photo: Zanyar, the film maker, Erbil/ Hawlêr (South Kurdistan (Iraq), 2014Photo: KamiliaPhoto: Behar Hosseini, the poet, in front of her home in Erbil, 2014Photo: Majdi Mall 01, Erbil 2014, South Kurdistan 2014Photo: Majdi Mall 02, Erbil 2014Photo: Majdi Mall 03, Erbil 2014Photo: Majdi Mall 04, Erbil 2014Photo: Majdi Mall 05, Erbil 2014Photo: Khalis Younis, the Turkmen antiq seller, Erbil 2014Photo: Khalis Younis with his son, Erbil 2014, South Kurdistan (Iraq)Photo: Karwan Abdulla, editor in chief of Mukriyani Publishing Hause, Erbil 2014Photo: Nader B. Mohammed, director of Antiquities Department, Erbil 2014Photo: Teachers of one of Erbil highschools, Hawlêr 2014Photo: Teacher and director of one of the Erbil highschools, Hawlêr 2014Photo: Old man, Erbil, South Kurdistan 2014Photo: Men in Qelat Museum, Hawlêr 2014Photo: Hassan Ghazi, the well known Kurdish journalist, chair of the program Rawej of the Kurdish Sterk TV

Brussel, December 2013Photo: Madame et Monsieur  "Chris Kutchera", French photographer and journalist who devoted most of their works to the Kurds. Recently they have established Kurdistan-Photolibrary.org, the impressive online collection of pictures representing the Kurds and their difficult history.

Kraków, May 2013, Kurdish Center for Information and DocumentationPhoto: Andrzej Pisowicz is Polish linguist, specialist in Armenian, Persian and Kurdish languages, author of the first Polish textbook for learning Kurdish (2012)

At his home in Kraków, September 2013Photo: Prof. Martin van Bruinessen, Dutch anthropologist, the author of many publications on the Kurds.

Kraków, November 2013Photo: Beyza, Bazit (Doğubayazıt), Kurdistan (Turkey) 2007Photo: Boy from Diyarbakir, North Kurdistan (Turkey), 2003Photo: Old woman, Diyarbakir, North Kurdistan (Turkey) 2003Photo: Children, village near Bazid (Doğubayazıt), North Kurdistan (Turkey), 2002Photo: Girl, Diyarbakir, North Kurdistan (Turkey) 2003Photo: Young ladies, Hawlêr (Erbil), South Kurdistan (Iraq), 2011Photo: Friends, Diyarbakir, North Kurdistan (Turkey) 2003Photo: Boys, Hawlêr (Erbil), South Kurdistan (Iraq), 2011Photo: Nuran Yılmaz, archeologist, Farqin (Silvan in Turkish), 2007Photo: Young ladies, Hawlêr (Erbil), South Kurdistan (Iraq), 2011Photo: Prof. Calîlê Calîl, Kurdish historian and etnologist, founder of Kurdish Library in Eichgraben near Vienna, Eichgraben, Austria, 2008Photo: Salahattin Bulut, writer and owner of the well known Kurdish bookstore Medya Kitapevi in Istanbul, 2005Photo: Children from Rashkin village, South Kurdistan (Iraq), 2011Photo: Hesenê Metê, Kurdish (Kurmanji dialect) writer living in Sweden, In spring  2012 he was a guest of Jagiellonian University, Collegium Maius, Kraków 2012Photo: Dr Haşem Ahmedzade, academic, specialist on Kurdish literature, literary critic, Hawlêr, South Kurdistan (Iraq),  2013Photo: Boys in Hawlêr (Erbil), South Kurdistan (Iraq) 2011Photo: Esmanur, Bazit (Doğubayazıt in Turkish), 2013Photo: Ferhad and Azranur, Bazit (Doğubayazıt in Turkish), 2013Photo: Boys at Kanîya Spî spring in Farqîn (Silvan in Turkish), 2007Photo: In front the house, Hawlêr (Erbil), South Kurdistan (Iraq), 2011Photo: In front the house, Hawlêr (Erbil), South Kurdistan (Iraq), 2011Photo: Boys from Farqîn, 2007Photo: Traditional shoe seller, Erbil, South Kurdistan (Iraq), 2011Photo: Boys, from Ararat series, 2007Photo: Carpet seller, Hawler (Erbil), South Kurdistan, (Iraq) 2011Photo: Singer, from Ararat series, 2007Photo: Seed seller, Hawlêr (Erbil), South Kurdistan (Iraq), 2011Photo: Old women, Bazit (Doğubayazıt in Turkish), 2007Photo: Photographer arrives, Salahaddin University, Hawlêr (Erbil), South Kurdistan, (Iraq), 2011Photo: Youth in front of Ehmede Khani tomb, Bazit (Doğubayazıt in Turkish), 2007Photo: Do you wish a photo? Hawlêr (Erbil), South Kurdistan (Iraq), 2011Photo: Faruk and Sinur, Kurdish wedding, Bazit (Doğubayazıt), North Kurdistan, (Turkey) 2007Photo: Self-portrait among portraits, Hawlêr (Erbil), South Kurdistan (Iraq), 2011Photo: Taking pictures, Hawlêr (Erbil), South Kurdistan, (Iraq) 2011Photo: Bûk means bride, Bazit (Doğubayazıt), 2007Photo: Bedran Hebib, director of Aras Publishing House, Hawler (Erbil) 2011Photo: Lana, Hawlêr (Erbil), South Kurdistan, (Iraq), 2011Photo: Abdullah Keskin, director of Avesta Publishing House, Istanbul, 2011Photo: Dr Azad, director of The Kurdish Academy of Sciences, Hawlêr, 2011Photo: Mehmet Rauf Çiçek, director of Nûbihar Publishing Hause, Diyarbakir, North Kurdistan (Turkey), 2012Photo: Father, Hawlêr (Erbil), 2011Photo: Umîd Demirhan, teacher of Kurdish language, poet and researcher, Bazit, North Kurdistan, (Turkey) 2011Photo: Hasan, guard of the small museum of Noah’s Ark near Bazit (Doğubayazıt)Photo: Photographer, Hawlêr (Erbil), 2011Photo: Workers of Eğitim Sen and of Kurdish Library in Bazit (Doğubayazıt). Eğitim Sen (Education and Science Worker's Union) is the Turkish trade union of teachers founded in 1995.Photo: Huseyn Taysun, former chief of Kürt-Kav, Istanbul 2012Photo: Children, Diyarbakir, 2003Photo: Talat, director of BDP Doğubayazıt office, 2011Photo: Making hariks – traditional shoes from Bitlis region, Bitlis, 2011Photo: Women from VAKAD, Kurdish Women Organisation from Van. Zelal Özgökçe, first on the right, one of the founders of VAKAD was convicted to jail as "a member of terrorist organisation". She was among organizers of Van manifestation for education in Kurdish language. In 2009 she fled Turkey and lives in exile, Van 2007.Photo: Yezidis in Lalish, North Kurdistan (Iraq),  2011Photo: Grandma with grandson, Bazit (Doğubayazıt) 2007Photo: Mother with sons, Rashkin village, Iraqi Kurdistan, 2011Photo: Ayten and Azad, Bazit (Doğubayazıt) 2012Photo: Gülçin and Çayan, Bazit, 2007,Photo: Waiting for a bus, Kars, Turkey, 2011Photo: Waiting for a registration, in front of the police office in Erbil, North Kurdistan (Iraq), 2011Photo: Sun, Bazit (Doğubayazıt), 2011Photo: Playing on the carpet, Bazit, 2011Photo: Ruveyda, Bazit, 2011Photo: Yakup, Diyarbakir, 2008Photo: Rumeysa, Bazit, 2011Photo: Cevahir Sadak Düzgün, Culture and Turism Manager of the Diyarbakir Municipality, Diyarbakir, North Kurdistan, (Turkey), 2013Photo: Yakup, Bazit 2007Photo: Gülen, Bazit 2011Photo: Binevş, Istanbul, 2011Photo: Rejan, Rashkin village, South Kurdistan (Iraq), 2011Photo: Cousins, Bazit (Doğubayazıt) 2011Photo: Bûk means bride, Bazit 2007Photo: Kurdish wedding near Bazit (Doğubayazıt), 2007Photo: Kurdish wedding near Bazit (Doğubayazıt), 2007Photo: Yaqup, Istanbul 2013Photo: Deniz Gündüz, Kurdish writer writing in Dimli dialect, Vate Publishing House, Istanbul 2013Photo: Zana Farqini, director of the Kurdish Institute in Istanbul, the author of many dictionaries of Kurdish language, Istanbul 2013Photo: Genim, member of Koma Çiya - Kurdish musical group, Navenda Çanda Mezopotamya Istanbul 2013Photo: Zülfü, Mala Dengbêjan (The House of Dengbejs), Diyarbakir 2013Photo: Mukhlis, Tafseer bookstore, Hawlêr (Erbil), South Kurdistan, 2013Photo: Making a flute in the center of Erbil, 2013Photo: Exchange, Hawler 2013Photo: Cigarettes, Hawlêr, Iraqi Kurdistan, 2013Photo: Cabar Camal Xerib, Kurdish writer writing in Sorani dialect, at his home in Hawlêr,  2013Photo: Men, Hawlêr, 2013Photo: Dr Kawa Mahmud, the Minister of Culture and Youth in Kurdistan Regional Goverment, Hawlêr, South Kurdistan, (Iraq), 2013Photo: Street seler, Hawlêr, 2013Photo: Muhtar of Mahabad district in Hawler, 2013Photo: At bakery, Hawlêr, South Kurdistan (Iraq), 2013Photo: Prof. Kadri Yıldırım, director of the Institute of Living Languages at Mardin Artuklu University (the first Kurdish language and culture institute of Turkish university), Mardin 2013Photo: Barış Seyitvan, artist, the manager of Sümer Parkı Gallery in Diyarbakir, Diyarbakir 2013Photo: Tilki with his wife Fatma. There is no one in Bazit who does not know Tilki. The friend of tourists (including the poor Polish ones) and of people he is the best guide for Kurdistan and for it's sad and amusing stories. Bazit 2013Photo: Melek with Muhammad, Bazit 2013Photo: Bircan, at her home in Bazit. She is the founder of the first center for mentaly handicapped children in Bazit. Now she is working on creating the village for them,  2013.Photo: Girl, Bazit (Doğubayazıt), North Kurdistan (Turkey), 2007