71 Photos - Jun 8, 2011
Photo: Jim and Chris Guld are Geeks on Tour.  Go to www.geeksontour.tv for their membership website with a Learning Library of 'Show-Me-How' tutorial videos.Photo: Watching Geeks on Tour Tutorial Videos is like having your own personal tutor wherever you are.  Jim and Chris also offer group seminars and one-on-one tutoriing.Photo: Make sure to visit www.facebook.com/geeksontour and click 'Like' to stay informed.Photo: Geeks on Tour seminars are very popular at RV rallies.Photo: Geeks teach Microsoft Streets and TripsPhoto: Chris recording studio - in the RVPhoto: One of our hands-on computer classesPhoto: All our tutorial videos are available on DVDPhoto: All our tutorial videos are available on DVDPhoto: Our Picasa booklet, hot off the press.Photo: Stopped at a rest area without putting the slides outPhoto: Very pleasant traveling on the interstatesPhoto: Our site for 5 days.Photo: Geeks on Tour was quite the hit with our RV in Techsmith's parking lot!Photo: Chris on the set of Techsmith's "The Forge"Photo: Our site at Indiana Dunes State ParkPhoto: Using GPS navigation on our Android smartphonesPhoto: Chris teaching Windows 7 and Laptop BasicsPhoto: Back on the RoadPhoto: Had a good crowd for our spur-of-the-moment seminar at Sun City Hilton HeadPhoto: Geeks on Tour presented 7 seminars during the rally! Only the ones on Bourbon and Fuel on this list were not ours.Photo: Our facebook seminar at the Connecticut PC Users Group.  Arranged by John Roy who met us at an FMCA rallyPhoto: RVs parked at the FMCA NE Area rally in Essex Junction, VermontPhoto: Here's our neighborhood at the RallyPhoto: Photo: In my office preparing for the upcoming weekPhoto: Photo: Photo: The contents of our Show Me How DVD, our on-Disk Learning LibraryPhoto: The Learning Library screen on our website. This is where all our Tutorial Videos are, thus the .TV!  Notice the Login form in the upper right side.Photo: Photo: Jim's Surface Pro (the little screen in the middle) with external monitor, keyboard, and mouse.Photo: Photo: Jim showing the functions of a smartphone by projecting the iPad screen and holding the phone in front of the iPad's cameraPhoto: Geeks teaching at Thousand Trails Peace River in 2009Photo: Our hands-on Computer Boot Camp classPhoto: The boot camp includes hands-on exercises on the students' own computersPhoto: Computer Boot Camp at FMCA Convention in Bowling GreenPhoto: Hands-on Computer Boot Camp at Gypsy Journal RallyPhoto: In the Geeks on Tour smartphone class, Jim (at the lectern) is showing his smartphone and projecting it on the big screen using his iPad camera connected to the projector.Photo: Our booth at NEARPhoto: Someone watching a tutorial video at our booth.Photo: Photo: From the TechnoGeek Learning Rally - April 2012Photo: Photo: Our workbooks really helped facilitate our smartphone classPhoto: Photo: Photo: Thank you Connie, for snapping these pictures of us in the front of the room! - Getting punchy.Photo: Photo: Our Geeks on Tour poster boys in the front row: Bill Osborne (left) and David Cross (right) This picture appeared on the seminar computer within seconds - demonstrating Dropbox Camera Upload.  Cloud Computing seminar at EscapadePhoto: Photo: Photo: Photo: The finished productPhoto: Our record-setting audience for a Beginning Picasa seminar in August of 2010 at the FMCA convention in Redmond, OregonPhoto: Photo: We had our second episode of our weekly show scheduled while I was in Fort Lauderdale and Jim was in DenverPhoto: We're Excited!Photo: Sample page from our Smartphone photography class workbookPhoto: Home is where we park it!Photo: Jim with Kelly Hogan of WiFiRangerPhoto: By our Geeky TikiPhoto: Showing how to save places by starring them on Google MapsPhoto: The photo taken by the newspaper - I bought a digital download of it.Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Chris and Jim Guld are Geeks on TourPhoto: