24 Photos - May 23, 2014
Photo: On her 1st long road trip with her new family to their home in Colorado.Photo: A couple stops along the way to stretch the legsPhoto: Watching her brother stretch his legsPhoto: New smellsPhoto: At her new home, they were all set up for herPhoto: Photo: Photo: Trying to get her brother Kai to playPhoto: Come on Kai, play with me!Photo: Ok, he gave inPhoto: Checking out the campus groundsPhoto: Sticks are funPhoto: Plastic cups are funPhoto: 2 tired pups! Hmmm, don't think they will get along, do you?Photo: Family photoPhoto: Akela meets her cousinPhoto: Akela meets a horsePhoto: Relax timePhoto: Akela and her Dad in Puppy class.Photo: Akela and house brother Kai enjoying some sunPhoto: and some Zzzzzzzz'sPhoto: Akela's proud parents. Retro & LIlaPhoto: Retro & Lila stackedPhoto: Retro & Lila enjoying a photo shoot together while in CA for the VCA Vizsla Nationals. Proud parents of Akela.