94 Photos - Apr 20, 2014
Photo: Photo: Bringing in the newspaperPhoto: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: She is so proud of herself!!Photo: Photo: Lila celebrating her 3rd bird day with her new 54" alligator and Akela celebrating her 8 week bird day.Photo: Photo: Photo: cave timePhoto: Photo: Playtime, Mom's make the best pillowsPhoto: Photo: Photo: They are so cute together!!Photo: Face timePhoto: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Video: Playtime with new bird day toysVideo: Akela is a natural tugger.Photo: Watching the pigeons eatPhoto: Photo: Getting some pointers from MomPhoto: Photo: Pigeons coming in to the pond, Akela saw Mom stop and so did she!Photo: Then Lila rushed the pigeons and so did Akela :(Photo: Lila on point, not a pigeon this time, but a quail who was brave enough to come into the yard.Photo: Akela's eval, so hard to stack an over excited baby!Video: This is the Gun Dog Conditioning CD by the Master's Voice that Akela listens to everyday, sometimes at play and sometimes at rest. As you can see she has no problems so far. As the CD goes on, the music gets lower and the shotguns get louder til the last track it's nothing but shotgun and hunters yelling.Photo: Aunt Haley snugglesPhoto: Akela likes KourtlynPhoto: Photo: Bryton, Kourtlyn and AkelaPhoto: Photo: Photo: Astchyn gets kisses tooPhoto: Back to KourtlynPhoto: Akela likes the fringe on her shirtPhoto: It was Akela's lunchtime and also egg finding time. Akela wouldn't eat with all the excitement, so Joclynne fed her with a spoon so she could go outside with us.Photo: Photo: She's NOT a spoiled pup, REALLY!Photo: Photo: Following Joclynne, Look at those ears flying!Photo: Photo: Photo: Kisses for Joclynne!Photo: Photo: Akela would like Bryton to share that cupcake!Photo: All in the penPhoto: Photo: Kourtlyn loves Akela as much as Akela loves her!Photo: Kourtlyn giving Akela a drink of her apple juicePhoto: Now kisses for KourtlynPhoto: Photo: Some rest time for Joclynne and AkelaPhoto: Photo: Egg time, all the kids where going in different directions and Akela had to choose who to follow. Guess which kids she chose?Photo: Yep you guessed it, Kourtlyn!Photo: She's helpingPhoto: Going make sure she stays safePhoto: Ok, so maybe she wants her eggs instead.Photo: I think Akela is enjoying herselfPhoto: Akela found one!Photo: Off she goes with her findPhoto: Oh Akela found another one!Photo: She stalked it, then pointed it, then pounced on it!Photo: Photo: Photo: And yet another!Photo: Photo: She'll just sit here and wait for Kourtlyn, see if she finds the eggPhoto: Photo: Photo: Having a zoomie momentPhoto: An I'm so excited momentPhoto: Counting eggsPhoto: KourtlynPhoto: Akela helping Kourtlyn count her eggsPhoto: Photo: Akela helping Astchyn count his eggsPhoto: Back to KourtlynPhoto: Akela wanting Kourtlyn to playPhoto: