242 Photos - Mar 20, 2014
Photo: Really again with the flashy thing?Photo: When will it stop??Photo: Hmmm.. what's wrong with this picture??Photo: Akela's 1st bird!! :)Photo: Ok so what if it's stuffed, it's still a bird!Photo: Fighting with this toyPhoto: Shaking itPhoto: getting a better grip on itPhoto: Grandpa Budha enjoying his runPhoto: Photo: Szari, Lila, Budha and Bizzy (going wrong way)Photo: Photo: Akela's Grandpa BudhaPhoto: Bizzy, Grandpa Budha and SzariPhoto: BizzyPhoto: Daddy, DaughterPhoto: Momma Lila enjoying her runPhoto: Lila, Budha and Szari in frontPhoto: Bizzy being her nutty selfPhoto: Momma Lila strikes a stackPhoto: Photo: 1st outside adventure. Not sure if Lila is sniffing her or pushing Akela face into the grass saying SNIFF it!Photo: She didn't seem fazed a bitPhoto: Giving her mom the ol stink eye!Photo: Going across cement, no problemPhoto: across the ex pen on the grass, no problemPhoto: through the grass, no problemPhoto: Photo: along the BIG rocksPhoto: Lila watches in amazement.Photo: going across the ex pen againPhoto: off to the other sidePhoto: Photo: Sees something, going after itPhoto: Look at that face! Only time her tail went down, when she felt we were to far away from her.Photo: avoiding the birdPhoto: get a good sniffPhoto: What do you want, I'm busy here!Photo: Off to explore some morePhoto: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Walks with confidencePhoto: the beginning of a nice gaitPhoto: going across the dirt and rocks, no problemPhoto: Photo: Photo: Photo: Looks like a tracking dog in the makingPhoto: Hmmm what's this?Photo: After her outside adventure, she was tiredVideo: Pawing pigeon then thought sniffing Lane's shoes was better then the pigeon itself, as she walks across it!Video: Akela's 1st RAW meal mixed with puppy bac milkVideo: Akela in a very playful moodVideo: Another playful moodVideo: Before bedtime playVideo: 1st potty outside. :)Video: Pigeon penVideo: She seemed to say the pigeons were boring and she had other things to explore. She didn't understand why I kept moving away from her.Photo: So tired....Photo: Oh this guy is warm and snugglyPhoto: Who's thisPhoto: Will he play with me?Photo: Won't someone please play with me?Photo: Photo: Come on, I'm ready!!Photo: What you don't want to play?Photo: Interesting smellsPhoto: Oh, I know youPhoto: Photo: I'm trying to sleep herePhoto: Awwww.... comfyPhoto: But this is even more comfyPhoto: Aw... my VERY OWN blankie!!Photo: Photo: Photo: While vacuuming Budha decided he LIKED the 4ply bed!Photo: Another outside adventurePhoto: Photo: Photo: Photo: Trying to run without trippingPhoto: Bird wingPhoto: Hmmm, what's this smellPhoto: I can get itPhoto: Slight little pointPhoto: Attack!Photo: Off to explore the rocksPhoto: I think she wants to be a rock climberPhoto: I'm so happy I can sing!!Photo: Rock climber in the makingPhoto: Sitting prettyPhoto: Tracking dogPhoto: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Love thisPhoto: More rocks to explorePhoto: Pretty big hillPhoto: I'll stick with the rocksPhoto: Let's see if I go this way, I can get upPhoto: Hmm that didn't workPhoto: Photo: Playtime with MomPhoto: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: So funny!Photo: Yes, SOOO funny!Photo: AwwwwPhoto: Photo: Dad's getting a bird outPhoto: Bird did you say a bird? what's a bird?Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Lila wants the bird!Photo: Birds overhead!!Photo: 1st stackPhoto: Like this?Photo: Photo: I'll just sit the this shady spotPhoto: LOLPhoto: Where Mom goes, I goPhoto: Photo: Photo: Photo: We had visitors! Monica and her family came to play and Lila was soooo happy to see her!Photo: Photo: More kisses for Monica!Photo: Kisses to Miranda too!!Photo: Akela gives kisses tooPhoto: Photo: And to Miranda too!Photo: Photo: Giving Miranda the sniff overPhoto: Photo: Photo: Photo: Playtime with Mom againPhoto: I can get you down Mom!Photo: I'm tougher then you Mom!Photo: Photo: Photo: More kissesPhoto: Photo: Photo: Photo: Same puppy, just asleep with head downVideo: Video: 1st vacuumingPhoto: Oh oh looks who's discovered the cave bedPhoto: I think she likes itPhoto: Photo: She's so stinking CUTE!!!Photo: Very playful this morningPhoto: Photo: Sleepy timePhoto: Enjoying herself in the cave bedPhoto: Photo: Photo: Mommy this bed is for ME!!!Photo: Photo: Photo: She was having fun with the bird wingPhoto: Photo: Photo: Shake that wing!Photo: Photo: Lila getting her loves from DanielPhoto: She's not comfy! LOLPhoto: She is loving the lovePhoto: Her new Mommy Shelly made her a crate pad and had their Vizsla sleep on it so Akela will get use to his smell and know him when she goes home to CO.Photo: I think Akela loves her new crate padPhoto: Photo: Photo: Uhh what's in here?Photo: I smell somethingPhoto: Where is that smell coming fromPhoto: Oh here is that smell, what is it?Photo: Should I taste it?Photo: Hmmm what is it?Photo: It's doesn't movePhoto: BORRRRING!!!Photo: This might be more interestingPhoto: it has the same smellsPhoto: What was that?Photo: I'm gonna get herPhoto: Akela's new Mom & Dad, Shelly & DanielPhoto: Photo: Off she goesPhoto: Shelly letting Akela smell the featherPhoto: Akela wants to taste the featherPhoto: Awww....Photo: It was love at first sightPhoto: Trying to keep Akela warmPhoto: Kisses for MomPhoto: She looks comfy and warmPhoto: Photo: Someone is getting sleepy. Akela had a BIG day on Sunday and played hard.Photo: Such a GREAT picture!!Photo: Photo: At the end of the day! She's OUT!Photo: Monday she got her own play area outside around the big dogs. Of course Lila is still herding them all away!Photo: Look at Szari's hackles. Lila just told her off with a fierce growlPhoto: Akela says, I just wanna play with someone.Photo: Photo: I'll bite mom's legsPhoto: Photo: Now what to do?Photo: I wanna be out there!Photo: Don't fence me in!Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Tunnel time!Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: This is kind of cool!Photo: I see you!Photo: Gonna do that again!Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Momma cleaning all the dust off of herPhoto: Photo: Tired nowVideo: She loved the bird wing on Sunday