129 Photos - Mar 6, 2014
Photo: What a MESS!! Where's the Princess??Photo: She's not comfy, is she?Photo: Bird wingPhoto: Eyes are openingPhoto: Almost there!! Mar 6, 2014Photo: Awwww... Mommy snugglesPhoto: Oh I think the Princess is getting some "sassmouth" going already!Video: Trying to keep her moving, Lila helps alot!Video: Video: Video: Experiment with bird wing. This was earlier in the week when she just started using her legs. Turn up volume and you'll hear a growl and little bark.Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Aunt Haley came to visitPhoto: Photo: Photo: Telling secretsPhoto: What a big yawnPhoto: Uncle Chris came too!Photo: Photo: Photo: I see you!Photo: Aunt Haley is happy to hold Baby PrincessPhoto: Just walking around showing us her tracking skills alreadyPhoto: I wish I could say this was a point!Photo: Tired Momma and baby after visitorsPhoto: Why you waking me up?Photo: I did not do that!Photo: Huh? No I didn't!Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Love the softness of black and whitePhoto: StretchPhoto: Photo: I'm here!Photo: Photo: Walking around some more! She has gotten so good at walkingPhoto: Tracking dog skillsVideo: A little sleepy play timeVideo: Here rear half is a bit heavy and hard to move around!Video: A little playtime with MommaVideo: Trying to find the milk barPhoto: Aunt Sheryl came to visit and took pics! Photo by Sheryl HohlePhoto: Going this way - Photo by Sheryl HohlePhoto: Does my nose look big this way? - Photo by Sheryl HohlePhoto: How about this? - Photo by Sheryl HohlePhoto: Ok, so my belly is 3x's bigger than my head, so what? - Photo by Sheryl HohlePhoto: Do I have any boogies in my nose? - Photo by Sheryl HohlePhoto: Yeah, I'm ADORABLE!! - Photo by Sheryl HohlePhoto: Rubber chicken kind of a dayPhoto: I have ribsPhoto: Love my littermate the busy beePhoto: Really? Let's discuss this a bit morePhoto: Hahahahahaha that was a funny one!Photo: So funny, tell me anotherPhoto: You're kidding, I'm not a bee?Photo: Let me think on thisPhoto: It is so tough being so cute!Photo: Photo: I'm watching you...Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Your nose is very similar to minePhoto: I'm getting sleepyPhoto: Very sleepyPhoto: Just gonna rest a minutePhoto: Photo: Photo: Photo: ExploringPhoto: Photo: Had some mommy playtimePhoto: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Biting Mom's nosePhoto: Photo: Looking up to MomPhoto: Photo: Having a discussionPhoto: Photo: Thinking it overPhoto: Asking questionsPhoto: Photo: Video: Video: Video: Video: Photo: Just never get to do anything!!Photo: Maybe Mommy taste goodPhoto: can't get my mouth on herPhoto: Photo: She always has that flashy thingPhoto: snuggling with MomPhoto: Photo: Photo: I've outgrown my lion toyPhoto: Mommy's make the BEST pillowsPhoto: Photo: Photo: Love snuggling with my MommyPhoto: Playing with MommyPhoto: Photo: Photo: Photo: I'm CUTEPhoto: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Is this the last one, please...I'm tiredVideo: Video: Video: Video: