68 Photos - Feb 27, 2014
Photo: Kourtlyn and LilaPhoto: Lila getting ready to jump down as her Baby Princess started moving around in the whelping box!Photo: Kisses for puppyPhoto: Hugs for puppyPhoto: More hugs, bug gentle hugs for puppyPhoto: getting ready to plant another kiss on puppyPhoto: hmmmm eating againPhoto: now sleeping..Photo: She really like to stretch outPhoto: Getting ready to leave for the vet appt, Lila wanting to make sure she will be fine in therePhoto: Yep just fine and oh my, I will need to get a bigger box soon!Photo: She loves her littermatesPhoto: LOLPhoto: Lila doesn't let one tiny movement go un noticed!Photo: Such sweet girls!Photo: She has gained an oz just since the vet visit! Looks like I will need to bring out the bigger tray also!Photo: Two sleepy girlsPhoto: Misfit littermate trying to hone in on her nipplePhoto: Yep, trying to sharePhoto: Awwww.....Photo: Eat and sleep!Photo: Photo: nice headPhoto: Momma Lila fluffed up the pad to give the Princess a pillowPhoto: LOL, could they more more alike?Photo: Photo: Lacey came to visitPhoto: Lila wondering why Lacey isn't paying attention to HER.Photo: There now Lila is happyPhoto: I think she wants her belly rubbedPhoto: Look at that facePhoto: Photo: New littermates added to the pen. I think the Princess approvesPhoto: Yep, I think she likes thesePhoto: All snuggled in for a good restPhoto: milk comaPhoto: Photo: Look at that belly!!!Photo: Oh Momma Lila getting a rest in the sunshinePhoto: Surprise! Another Milk comaPhoto: Can you tell I just love her face and head?Photo: Love wrinkly facesPhoto: Funny her nose was going sniffing for milk I thinkPhoto: Photo: Love this little fat puppy!Photo: Video: Photo: Hmmm she is almost outgrown the new littermates!Photo: Can you see her now?Photo: Oh, my sweet Lila!!Photo: I think she like the new littermatesPhoto: Photo: Yep she likes themPhoto: Momma Lila encouraging Princess to crawl to herPhoto: Come on you can do it!Photo: YES got over the littermate and to MomPhoto: Photo: I was snuggling with her and she fell asleep! Imagine that!Photo: Such a pretty headPhoto: Grandson Astchyn got to snuggle with Baby PrincessPhoto: And oh.. what's this?? It's a peeker!!Photo: Kourtlyn is so excited she gets to see the puppy again!Photo: Everyone watching Lila roll on the ground in excitmentPhoto: Kisses for baby from the babyPhoto: Kourtlyn doing sad face because Grammy told her to be GENTLE. :)Photo: Bryton got to snuggle too!!Photo: Kourtlyn thinks she can get puppy this way.Video: Baby Princess has a tickle spot!!