97 Photos - Feb 20, 2014
Photo: Lila morning of Feb 19, 2014Photo: Lila decided it was better to not feel good under the blankets.Photo: Having a contractionPhoto: And through some contractions she would bite on this toy. She now carries this toy each and every time I take her out to potty.Photo: Hmm, sass already, thinks she need to see too!Photo: Lila cleaning herPhoto: Both having a quick restPhoto: Before Lila would allow me to clean up her bed.Photo: Already knows just where to go for food!Photo: Mommy daughter snuggle timePhoto: More foodPhoto: crawling to MamaPhoto: More snugglesPhoto: Lila is so tired and now her bed is clean and drafts blockedPhoto: Seems Mini Princess is already fullPhoto: Still so tiredPhoto: Love the little ear flapsPhoto: Awww rest time....shhhhhPhoto: Look how sweet this baby is.Photo: Baby and misfit  littermates having a snack.Photo: Baby with misfit littermatesPhoto: Rest time for baby and misfit littermatesPhoto: She's dreaming..when I grow up...Photo: Photo: Such CutenessPhoto: Such contentPhoto: Mama Lila taking a restPhoto: They both have the same little grin while sleepingPhoto: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Mama's keeping her under control alreadyPhoto: Photo: A new littermate to crawl on and overPhoto: And to snuggle withPhoto: Food, food and more food, where's the food, is all baby thinks about!Photo: At least her nails are not scratching Lila anymorePhoto: Measuring tail.Photo: This baby's tail is pretty long, this is the 1st measurementPhoto: Washed off the 1st line and remeasured. Think we like this one.Photo: Lila says... REALLY? In Hungary we get to keep our tails, My Daddy told me so!Photo: Lila telling baby all will be finePhoto: I just love this picture.Photo: Sweet dreams girlsPhoto: Back from the vet, Lila is making sure baby is ok and baby telling Mom all about the mean people.Photo: Walking over to get some comfort foodPhoto: But Lila had other thoughts 1st! Have to inspect the vet's work.Photo: Ok, so now she can have her comfort foodPhoto: Is that a little grin?Photo: So tired.....Photo: Baby too!Photo: So sweet!Photo: Video: Photo: Help my siblings are squishing mePhoto: Hmmm, maybe  not so bad, they are warmPhoto: Love the tail when they are nursingPhoto: Photo: Lila is still pretty tiredPhoto: Photo: Photo: Aww curled up like a big girl alreadyPhoto: OMD look at that facePhoto: Is there anything sweeter then a sweet sleeping puppyPhoto: She's snorning!Photo: Is 3 days old to early to be a copy cat? Or is she SOOO much like her Momma already!Photo: Hmmm, does it seem like she is ALWAYS eating?? :)Photo: Snuggling with her misfit littermatesPhoto: LOL can you see her?Photo: Such good snugglersPhoto: Got a bit warm under all the misfitsPhoto: Baby Princess and misfits share a mealPhoto: where's her ears?Photo: Nice plump babyPhoto: Nothing like a good stretch to get more food inPhoto: Change of dinning area. On the bed in the whelping roomPhoto: Photo: She's working on itPhoto: Bat babyPhoto: Sweet sleeping babyPhoto: Milk ComaPhoto: giving me some sassmouth for disturbing herPhoto: Passed out againPhoto: Let's get more food!Photo: rolls on top of rollsPhoto: Arch that neck!Photo: Getting a nose kiss from mommaPhoto: Checking out Momma's pawPhoto: Using paw as a pillowPhoto: awwww...Photo: Photo: Using paw and misfit littermate as a pillowPhoto: Video: