16 Photos - Jun 19, 2013
Photo: The Piner HS/SSU Summer Internship Crew
(left to right) Sera Matasau, Victoria Trier, Anissa Garcia, Chris Campbell, Ryan Williamson, Christian Barnard, Raya Zopolos, Tommy NguyenPhoto: Gel showing GMO markers in FoodPhoto: Scientists are coolPhoto: Piner High School Biotechnology & Health Sciences Students Working on GMO Lab Protocols for Next Year's Genetics UnitPhoto: Tommy Nguyen working on a DNA extractionPhoto: A little more sillyPhoto: Photo: Yes, these a high school students!Photo: Chris repairing the wire on a gel boxPhoto: Victoria using her notes for a protocolPhoto: Tommy giving his update on progress so farPhoto: Photo: Dr. Derek Girman & Team Leader Ryan Williamson discussing some resultsPhoto: Photo: Chris Campbell using a multi-pipetter for PCRPhoto: Tommy Nguyen, Anissa Garcia & Victoria Trier discussing a new extraction protocol