16 Photos - Jul 17, 2011
Photo: Clicking my hometown and places around with a canon 1000 D EosPhoto: A click of sunset from my terrace. Love that accidental bat caught in actionPhoto: Kadhakali- A form of dance, at the temple near my homePhoto: Click from a beautiful (yes) graveyard near homePhoto: Into the cloudPhoto: Weird faces of naturePhoto: The river behing my dad's housePhoto: A river from heaven- Clicked in Idukki, keralaPhoto: A click from Kovalam Beach, KeralaPhoto: One of my favorite clicks.. Make me wanna fly..or atleast sky-divePhoto: Something I clicked while hiking near Idukki Forest area, keralaPhoto: Kovalam Beach. 20 KM from homePhoto: Some lines should not be crossed

The lines where my sister dry her cloths . Yes, We don't have a drier .. Primitive ways it is..Photo: My Girlfriend watching sunset on the terrace.. .. I love candid shots .Photo: ... clicked in Jamuna River, standing in front of the Taj Mahal last year :)Photo: Clicked in Fort Cochin, kerala.