25 Photos - Nov 16, 2012
Photo: I finished my 1 week trial with full core and really enjoyed the experience! Please check out my story over on TheBusyNothings.comPhoto: Here is the landing page when you click on "Buy Full Core" on the main page. I liked the clean appearance of it. I'm not sure if I just really like the word "quench" but just seeing this ad and that tag line made me very thirsty for one...Photo: This is how they had their side organized by product. Because they don't have a ton of products, it made it very easy to shop - seeing the price and description along with a large picture made for maximum ease.Photo: I clicked on the 4 pack to see how it looked when I clicked on an image. I liked how the price was red and it was easy to add to cart. I however, wanted more, so I kept shopping. (Also, I liked the image "Volusion secure site" because it made me feel safer shopping online)Photo: Back on the main page I decided to explore. I had NO IDEA that they had recipes! YUM!Photo: Here is a list of all the retailers in Florida. If you looks at a few of the names they sound like vitamin/suppliment stores and then health food stores. That made me feel MUCH MORE COMFORTABLE about trying this product again. I try to be very all-natural so this list of stores assured me that it was a quality product.Photo: Photo: I wanted to include a close up of the product description because it is straight forward and informative. I didn't drink it before my meal, I drank it in the afternoon when I want to snack very badly. Note- "no sugar, no artificial sweeteners"- that was very important to me Stevia is a safe sugar with zero calories that I already love and use!Photo: Photo: I feel that every online retailer should have multiple ways for their customer to reach them. I was pleased to see a phone number, email address and a physical address. It legitimizes the company in my eyes.Photo: Here are the health benefits- I LOVE this product now! I was unsure at first but am a beliver and reccomend that you try a 2 week supply to get the full results of it. What a great way for me to kick off a weight loss plan during the easy-to-gain-weight Holidays!Photo: In the US so many people struggle with obesity. Full Core is a great way to help your body on the road to better wellness and health. It meets that "junk food" craving of soda and provides something HEALTHY instead.Photo: Natural Appetite Control Drink- this means instead of getting really, really hungry and then driving to McDonalds, you don't feel hungry or have food cravings so you make better choices. :)Photo: I thought this FAQ page was helpful as well and reaffirmed my decision that this was a good product.Photo: This shows the map of obesity today. It's so sad! I felt hopeless trying to loose that last 20lbs of baby weight so I can only imagine how someone who constantly feels hungry (like I did) and is obese must feel. I think that even if you are skeptical that it's worth spending $25. I enjoyed NOT being hungry all the time. I thought about things other then when my next meal was!Photo: The Fed Ex Truck deliverd the Full Core to my house within 2 days of me ordering it!Photo: I was so excited to get it- I mean, I just love getting packages! :) It's like Christmas!Photo: Summit was very excited to go on the walk.I think showing the kids how to have a healthy lifestyle is improtant to them growing up to have healthy lifestyles of their own.Photo: On the walk.Photo: I think their logo is pretty cool and liked they included a decal. I think it's a pretty design- not obnoxious or in your face.Photo: The 4-pack box of Full CorePhoto: and SURPRISE! I ordered 2 cases and they send me 4 extra ones with a personal note telling me to share it with friends and family! ;) Who wants to try it??Photo: I liked the box a lot- it had so much useful information on it as well as ways to connect with the brand.Photo: I took this picture last night! 6 lbs down after 1 week trying it and I feel great!Photo: Stretching after a work out. Drinking Full Core was a great addition to my existing exercise- I think that consuming the product in conjuntion with a healthy diet and exercise allowed me to achieve the maximum benefit in 1 week. I really am looking forward to trying it for another week!