8 Photos - Sep 2, 2010
Photo: All done and painted.

The fence mesh I used is actually plastic so it won't rust over time. Added bonus: it's easy to work with [just use scissors!] and pretty too.
Brand: Tenax Hardware Net.Photo: The coop components right out of the box!
Model: Premium Chicken Cabin.Photo: I began with building a raised foundation for the coop. The framework you see will also accommodate a pull-out mucking drawer.Photo: The completed basic assembly.Photo: Laying the post foundations for the pen fence.Photo: I put basic cinder blocks in the 5 post holes, then for additional support poured concrete into the blocks after the posts were squared & set.Photo: For additional warmth and rain protection, cedar shingles were added to the roof. And the final touch: a metal crane cupola.Photo: This is the access path I made from leftover bricks.
That's Lilly [the red hen] and Bella [the black one] enjoying their new home.