68 Photos - Sep 14, 2011
Photo: Photo: White water at the Blue Hole at a low runnable level for boatersPhoto: Low Water at the Blue HolePhoto: Blue Hole in WinterPhoto: blue Hole in WinterPhoto: Low water gets really lowPhoto: The entire surface flow of Whites Creek in late summerPhoto: A waterfall tributary to Ford BranchPhoto: Photo: Larry's RodPhoto: Photo: Lepidodendron fossilPhoto: Photo: Ford Branch in WinterPhoto: Photo: This is actually a Road. Future plans will be to relocate it out of the flood plain.Photo: Photo: Diana Fritillary malePhoto: Diana MalePhoto: Diana Fritillary femalePhoto: Yellow Rump WarblerPhoto: Hognose snake back from the deadPhoto: Photo: A low water pool swarms with fishPhoto: DrumPhoto: LogperchPhoto: Flathead catfish deep in the blue holePhoto: Photo: Wounded DarterPhoto: A swim day at the blue holePhoto: Tangerine DarterPhoto: Flat RockPhoto: Kuma at the Blue HolePhoto: Witch Hazel in BloomPhoto: Cucumber magnoliaPhoto: Goat's beardPhoto: AzaleaPhoto: White Trillium's turn red as they agePhoto: Jack in the PulpitPhoto: Lady Slipper OrchidPhoto: Lady Slipper OrchidPhoto: Photo: Photo: Young AnolePhoto: Devils cup fungusPhoto: Whites Creek SkullcapPhoto: Photo: Partridge berryPhoto: Blood RootPhoto: Gay WingsPhoto: Photo: Bluebird babyPhoto: Wild Turkey NestPhoto: Round Leaf Catch FlyPhoto: This cross vine starts about 70 feet below this point and climbs all the way up here to bloom. It's one of the first bloomers in the spring.Photo: Photo: Pedestal RockPhoto: Photo: Behind the PedestalPhoto:                                ਀੡Photo: Under the OverlookPhoto: TCWN at the OverlookPhoto: Evening at Flat RockPhoto: Stonecrop grows on the rocks in Ford Branch FallsPhoto: Winter in Ford BranchPhoto: Spring mist on the Rhea County side of the gorgePhoto: The downstream edge of the property is seen as the obstruction in the creek. In the distance is Watts Bar Lake. The far horizon is the Great Smoky Mountains on the other side of the Tennessee Valley.Photo: Whites Creek at the downstream end of our line. The overlook is at the extreme top right of the distant ridge.