248 Photos - Jul 16, 2012
Photo: Near My house. Elevation is 234m (780ft)!Photo: Drive from Cincinnati to Denver. Rest Area just after Indianapolis.Photo: Illinois!Photo: Yaris is worked well for my long driving.Photo: Missouri!Photo: Photo: Temperature is 103F around St Louis.Photo: Photo: Automatic hands washer.Photo: Photo: After Kansas City.Photo: Photo: Photo: Windmills.Photo: Photo: Still Kansas... 450mile from east to west.Photo: Photo: Photo: Just after sunset. Still Kansas.Photo: Denver!Photo: July 7th morning. I stayed Motel6.Photo: Elevation is 1590m (5300ft) in Denver.Photo: Ahead west.Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Idaho Springs! Getting breakfast and water.Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Dillon. Elevation is 2689m(8963ft).Photo: I road from Dillon to Loveland pass. Distance was 56.2km (35mile).1190m(3960ft) climbing!Photo: Start cycling.Photo: Photo: Elevation was 3314m. But still climbing,Photo: Many cyclist are climbing and passing me.Photo: Photo: Photo: Top of Loveland Pass. Elevation is 11990ft(3597m).Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Return to Dillon.Photo: Photo: Ahead to Louisville, Co.Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Rabbit is sitting in rain.Photo: July/8th morning.Photo: Photo: Photo: Route is only 30km. JLE recommended this route.Photo: Ride to Eldorado Springs with full loaded bike.Photo: Photo: End of pavement route at Eldorado Springs.Photo: Photo: Photo: Returning to hotel.Photo: Lunch in Chinese Restaurant.Photo: Photo: 2012 CHC1200 route by Ride with GPS.Photo: Check in.JLE checked safety items and lights.Photo: Photo: Photo: This tandem bike looks different. Stoker crank is individually rotate.Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: July/9th morning before 4:00AM. These are drop bags,Photo: Rainy morning. everyone staying under the roof.Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Ready to start near 4:00AM!Photo: Photo: Photo: 1st Control at LaPorte.Photo: Rain was stopped and road surface was drying.Photo: Photo: Photo: We should back to this store Thursday!  anyone have picture of giant cinnamon roll? I ate. But, I forgot to take picture.Photo: US287 toward Laramie.Photo: Photo: US287Photo: Water stop! I ate orange. It was helped me.Photo: Entering Wyoming. What happened is my camera?Photo: Photo: Getting Wyoming and passing high elevation point on US287. Road was descent toward Laramie.Photo: Lunch Control at Laramie. Many rider stopped McDonald's. Ken got four yogurts! We are getting Snowy Range Rd toward Saratoga. We should pass Snowy Range today what it is highest point on CHC1200!.Photo: Photo: Centennial! Store available before Snowy Range Climbing.Photo: Photo: We got Ice cream and Coke!Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Start climbing toward Snowy Range. 12mile(20km) with 3000ft(900m) Climbing.Photo: My Garming setting is metric. Current elevation is 2701m on 251.88km point.Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Almost East side top of Snowy Range.Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: My Garming said elevation is 3317m!Photo: Mirror Lake! here is between West and east side pot. We should climb again before long down hill.Photo: This year snow was almost nothing. This is very different scenery from last year.Photo: Photo: Photo: Starting 22mile (35km) down hill!Photo: Getting Saratoga sleep Control. Thank you for helping us!Photo: Baked Potato!Photo: Drop bags sitting one place. Easy to find it.Photo: I took shower and 2 hours sleep in bed. It was great. So, taking breakfast and ready to go to day2. I started 2:45AM.Photo: Beautiful morning!Photo: Photo: Back to Colorado now!Photo: Photo: Is flat road between Saratoga and Walden? No, Road was gently rolling and some place long climbing.Photo: Getting Walden transit Control. We will back here tomorrow. I took 2nd breakfast in Control. And some rider have 2nd breakfast at restaurant in this town. We headed Rabbit Ears Pass and 60mile no service until Steamboat Springs.Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Muddy Pass (8772ft). Road was rolling from Walden. But we didn't have long steady climbing. Many rider have rest before Rabbit Eats Pass. (4mile 700ft climbing).Photo: Can you see rocks as Rabbit ears. I expect to have more clear picture on high point. But, I missed it with trees.....Photo: East side Rabbit Ears Pass. West side Rabbit Ears Pass is 8mile to go.Photo: West side Rabbit Ears Pass. Next is 7 mile descent with 7% Grade Descenting.Photo: Middle of Descent. I think good picture point is other side...Photo: After getting Steamboat Springs. We have 70mile loop. I'm heading to Hayden. It is busy road. But, I'm grad it is gently descent and wide shoulder until here. Ahead of here, I saw road construction. We waited about 20min when we can passing it.... It is OK. I have enough margin for limit time.Photo: After getting Hayden. We took Rd27 toward Oak Creek. Does anybody know how much hilly is this? If I carefully check the route I can find this trick. But, I din't. Here is 23.5mile with 3000ft climbing (38km with 900m climbing).Photo: Beginning of this road was gently rolling. I was passing one by one. Hills are become large. Final couple of hills are mountain passes!Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Oak Creek Control. Store was closed 8:00PM. I got here just couple minus before closing. I'm lucky.Photo: After getting Oak Creek I got next news. We have 2.8 mile road construction between Oak Creek and Steamboat Springs. I got detour information. But, It is not clear for me. Then I  chose gravel road. I minimize rest time at Oak Creek Control and try to passing gravel road before sunset.Photo: I'm using 700X23C tire. This gravel road was very tough me. Should I climb up tomorrow morning? I don't want it.Photo: Getting Steamboat Springs Control.Photo: Food was good. But, my stomach is not working well. I took shower and 2 hours sleeping.Photo: Day3! Beautiful morning! We ahead of Gore Pass!
I got hot chocolate at Yampa convenient store. But, I know after leaving Store I wanted to eat Cup noodle... I expect to get is at Toponas. But Store was closed...Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Top of Gore Pass.Photo: Photo: Photo: Descent Gore Pass! After getting US40. Kremmling is Control. I stopped large store.Photo: Photo: I used this store as control in Kremmling with other riders.Photo: Finally, I got cup noodle and 1lb salads.  Cup noodle was worked for me. But, here is high elevation place. Hot water temperature is low. Don't expect to same as sea level.Photo: After Kremmling, temperature was rise up. I felt near 100F (35C).Photo: I felt sleepy. I took 10min nap on the bench.Photo: Photo: Got store at Granby. Starting strong winds brow from Grand Lake. We have some serious climbing until Grand Lake.Photo: Photo: Start Climbing to Granby Lake with Head wind.Photo: We gold Gland Lake Control. Very tired because of Head wind. I expect to fry until Granby with tail wind. But, wind was stopped. It is typical randonneuring...Photo: View of Grand LakePhoto: Photo: View of Granby LakePhoto: Next, We should passing Willow Creek pass. Police officer said Willow Creek pass is easier than Gore pass.Photo: beginning of couple of mile was steep abut middle section was gently climb. And final couple of miles are steep. Most of part is scenic and enjoyable road.Photo: Photo: Photo: Thanks JLE. He is watching us. And I got water and some food at top of climbing.Photo: Photo: Photo: Can I expect enjoyable down hill and flat road with tail wind until Walden? Answer is no. It is typical Randonneuring...Photo: Down hill was not so bad. This i got flat area. pavement was bad. I hate this this road. Pavement has clack every 4ft. Sounds like train. It seems durability testing!Photo: But, It is beginning of hard section. Head Wind start blowing. I felt over 20mph(9m/s)... Here is no shade. I tried to ride together with some riders. But, It doesn't work. I just keep DH bar position.Photo: Finally, I got Walden. I was very tired. After getting some drink, my stomach is working well. I ate soup with rice, two piece of lasagna. I think this lasagna is better than restraint where I ate it on post ride meeting!Photo: Day4 morning. Many bags are ready to back finish control!Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Visitor center before Cameron Pass.Photo: Photo: Beautiful morning, but I'm having problem. Maybe, I had elevation problem. Because, I can not constantly breathing when I drink water, I push hard and etc...Photo: But, I'm thinking to have enough margin for time limit. I can complete CHC1200 if I pass Cameron Pass around 10:00AM. Also, I can get final control within closing time if I pass Cameron Pass around noon. Because, After Cameron Pass, we have 60mile descent with 5000ft descanting.Photo: Moose at Top of Cameron Pass!Photo: Photo: More moose at Top of Cameron Pass!Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: JLE is watching us at top of Cameron Pass. He took picture for me. OK, I'm ready long down hill!Photo: Photo: Photo: I ordered omelet. I don't how many eggs it is.Photo: Poudre Canon opened a week before CHC1200. Because of here had wildfire. Many trees were become black and died. And some trees were black but still alive.Photo: Photo: Photo: Returned Vern's at LaPorte. 60mile to go. I bought Ice and Ice Cream. I should eat something bat I couldn't.Photo: I put ice in my reg warmer. And I put is on my neck. It was little heavy. I should bring long sock next time.Photo: It is my brevet card! Remaining stamp is only final control!Photo: 20mile to go. I took break at Hygiene. (Actually, I took break at Loveland too). I miss calculation about amount of water in my camel bag. Water was run out about 10 mile after. Because, ice didn't melt enough what I expected. I stopped and ate ice directory until final control...Photo: Final Control!Photo: My brevet card was filled everything. Official time was 84:02. I tried to get final control before 84 hours. I really pushed. But, I had missed last turn....Photo: Photo: Already starting post ride. Never stop talking and drinking!Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: I drove Nederland (West of Bolder). Originally, I was thinking to ride some place. But, I don't want to ride more this time.Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Good by Denver! I took picture toward US36 east from I-70. My friend will ride Last Chance this year.Photo: Photo: Photo: Is it real? No, it isn't.Photo: Photo: Photo: CHC1200 Finisher Medal!