55 Photos - Mar 25, 2008
Photo: Wave cloud over Wellington - 3:53pm, 19-Sep-03Photo: Wave cloud over Wellington - 3:56pm, 19-Sep-03Photo: Lyall Bay, early morning - 7:25am, 22-Dec-03Photo: A finger of stratus encroaches onto the southern end of Wellington Airport - 8:47am, 27-Jan-04Photo: A fiery orange sunrise over Lyall Bay - 6:41am, 18-Feb-04Photo: The moon rises above the eastern hills of Wellington - 6:26pm, 5-Apr-04Photo: Wellington airport at sunrise - 6:19am, 11-Sep-04Photo: Late afternoon wave cloud to the east of Wellington - 5:59pm, 11-Sep-04Photo: Wellington sunrise - 5:50am, 30-Sep-04Photo: Wave cloud over Wellington Harbour - 3:05pm, 12-Dec-04Photo: Lyall Bay and lenticular clouds - 8:13am, 8-Mar-05Photo: Wellington's harbour entrance and eastern hills with lenticular clouds - 8:16am, 8-Mar-05Photo: Lenticular clouds over Wellington - 8:17am, 8-Mar-05Photo: Early morning lenticular clouds in Wellington - 7:22am, 10-Mar-05Photo: Lenticular clouds above the eastern hills of Wellington - 7:27am, 10-Mar-05Photo: A double rainbow over Wellington Airport - 5:29pm, 23-Apr-05Photo: A heavy swell rolls onto the protective sea wall at the southern end of Wellington Airport (~5m ocnl 8m t=8s) - 11:56am, 24-Apr-05Photo: A glimpse of the port through low cloud over Wellington Harbour - 8:16am, 5-May-05Photo: Crepuscular rays over Wellington Airport - 8:17am, 12-May-05Photo: Fog shrouds Wellington Harbour and the airport - 12:18pm, 19-May-05Photo: Sea fog in Lyall Bay - 12:19pm, 19-May-05Photo: Sea fog near the entrance to Wellington Harbour - 4:05pm, 19-May-05Photo: Sea fog rolls into Lyall Bay - 4:23pm, 19-May-05Photo: Hail in Strathmore, Wellington (most 5mm diameter) - 7:23am, 9-Mar-06Photo: A nice double rainbow on the road to the Chateau - 5:06pm, 28-Apr-06Photo: Fog completely fills Wellington Harbour - 2:54pm, 1-Jul-06Photo: Long lasting fog fills Wellington Harbour - 2:56pm, 1-Jul-06Photo: A dry southerly change moves into Wellington - 3:33pm, 7-Jun-07Photo: Cold showers move over Wellington Harbour, with low snow flurries on the hills - 5-Jul-08Photo: CB's moving up the east coast of the North Island, this one into Wairarapa - 7-Jul-08Photo: Towering cumulus over the eastern hills and CB's in the distancePhoto: Wellington sunrise - 3 June 2009Photo: Wellington sunrise - 3 June 2009Photo: Wellington sunrise - 5 June 2009Photo: Rainbow over Wellington, 26 Oct 2009.Photo: Wellington PanoramaPhoto: Thunderstorm over WairarapaPhoto: Lyall Bay, Wellington Airport and thunderstorms!Photo: Early morning in Wellington, 6 Jan 2011Photo: Cirrus over Wellington, 1 Feb 2011.Photo: Jupiter, Mercury, Venus (brightest) and Mars, 6:21am 13 May 2011Photo: Jupiter, Venus and Mercury, 6:16am 19 May 2011Photo: Jupiter, Mars, Moon, Venus and Mercury (low on the horizon between Petone and Somes Island), 6:43am 31 May 2011Photo: Mars, Moon, Venus and Mercury, 6:44am 31 May 2011Photo: Lyall BayPhoto: Low cloud over Wellington Harbour, 22 May 2011Photo: Sunrise, 3 Jun 2011Photo: Tints of colour over Wellington, thanks to volcanic ash from Chile! 7:27am, 13 Jun 2011Photo: Wellington sunrise, 7:54am 13 Jun 2011Photo: Living in the cloudsPhoto: Snow falling in Strathmore, Wellington (~100m) 11:44am 15 Aug 2011Photo: Snow settling in Strathmore, Wellington, 11:45am 15 Aug 2011Photo: A thick coating of hail makes for dangerous driving! Strathmore, Wellington, 5:47pm 15 Aug 2011Photo: Lots of hail! 5:48pm 15 Aug 2011Photo: Wellington