159 Photos - Apr 5, 2009
Photo: First stop: Naturalis. Here we see a skeleton of a Dodo! :DPhoto: Mammoth skeletonPhoto: Photo: Photo: Bottom part of a huge dinosaur skeletonPhoto: the top part of the same dinosaur skeletonPhoto: Quick view of some of the stuffed animals departmentPhoto: Photo: Komodo dragonPhoto: Froggie in all the stagesPhoto: Dunno what this is, but it looks freaky!Photo: Quick display of some of the other displays in NaturalisPhoto: Photo: Flying dolphins! :PPhoto: The entryway of NaturalisPhoto: MomPhoto: MomPhoto: Mom making a silly facePhoto: MomPhoto: Jan 'the handyman' :PPhoto: Typical dutch ducksPhoto: Duckies!Photo: Quack! Quack!Photo: Quack!Photo: Pretty weeping willow treePhoto: Bye duckies!Photo: Next stop: Museum van Oudheden. Lots of kewl egyptian stuffs here! :DPhoto: Intact beaded clothPhoto: Photo: Photo: Sarcofaguses, I think you spell it like that. :PPhoto: Woodwork of Osiris, with penis.Photo: Closeup of the golden eyes and eyebrows, kinda hard to see, sorry.Photo: Yes, apparently Osiris is typically depicted with a big penis. God of fertility 'n all.Photo: We're thinking this is Isis.Photo: This was hard to take a picture of, with the backlight.Photo: Mummified 5 year old boy. With hole where they took out the organs.Photo: closeup of the boy mummy, sorry it is a little blurry.Photo: One of the many many tablets they had in this museum. This one still had a lot of coloring left. Apparently it was custom to give males a red skin color and the females a yellow skin color. Oh, and gods and colored in gold and Osiris in green.Photo: Maya, minister of finance.Photo: Maya, minister of finance. With his wife.Photo: Photo: Photo: Engraved scarab tablet.Photo: Egyptian jewelry.Photo: Photo: This one had its head and hand restored, poorly. It originally it did not have the hood thingee. Reconstruction fail!Photo: DyesPhoto: Actual papyrus with pensPhoto: Very shiney glass prevented me from taking a good picture, but they had a huge wall of these!Photo: Here's a closeup of one of the papyrus' they had up. Amazing!Photo: this thing was huge and made entirely out of a single slab of granite.Photo: A cast of the original Rosetta Stone. AwesomePhoto: Top of the Rosetta Stone, Hyroglyphs.Photo: Middle of the Rosetta Stone, Demotic.Photo: Bottom of the Rosetta Stone, Greek.Photo: closeup, hyroglyphsPhoto: closeup, DemoticPhoto: closeup, GreekPhoto: Massive sarcophagusPhoto: closeup of the SarcophagusPhoto: Inside of the tomb they had in the entry of this museum, some writings on this part here.Photo: closeup of writingsPhoto: One of the pillars holding it all up.Photo: The tomb in the entryPhoto: closeup of tombPhoto: and even closer closeupPhoto: Photo: Photo: Photo: a tiny Sphinx!Photo: Sphinx!Photo: Next stop: Hortus Botanicus. Flesh eating plants! :DPhoto: This is one big flesheating plant.Photo: I think it could 'swallow' small rodents in these things.Photo: pic from above!Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: OutsidePhoto: closeup, I love these flowers, they're so pretty!Photo: Apparntly this is an Axolotl. You heard it here first!Photo: Axolotl closeupPhoto: See? An AxolotlPhoto: Japanese Zen Garden. It was still kinda early in springtime, so it dind't look too great yet.Photo: This is pretty though.Photo: No idea what these are.Photo: Photo: Pretty sad tree.Photo: Photo: Fish!Photo: Photo: Eek! They're huge!Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: They like pieces of bread.Photo: This one was like, an albino or something.Photo: Photo: Pretty!Photo: Photo: Froggies!Photo: Photo: Photo: froggy!Photo: Photo: Photo: Nice Panoramic shotPhoto: Table made from an old treePhoto: Photo: Photo: What is she taking pictures of?Photo: Oooh! More froggies!Photo: This one just jumped away as I took the picture.Photo: Photo: Photo: There's tons of frogs here!Photo: froggies and eggiesPhoto: Bud...Photo: Photo: Here you can very clearly see the dozens of frogs and their eggs. I swear there's like thousands of eggs!Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Tree made from (motor)bikes they fished up from the canals.Photo: Photo: ME! :DPhoto: Me again!Photo: Photo: Photo: I stole this jacket from my daughter. :PPhoto: You can't really tell, but I'm wearing my short boots.Photo: Big greenhouse.Photo: Photo: Photo: Pretty tree.Photo: Photo: Photo: Next stop: Siebel museum. Soem Dutch-Japanese thingee, I'm not sure. :D This guy was playing on some weird instrument.Photo: Photo: Mr. SiebelPhoto: The sheet music the guy was playing on.Photo: Yu can't really tell, but it was fille dwith Japanese writings. (Kanji?)Photo: One of the many silly things this guy apparently collected/hunted.Photo: We think this might be a frog.Photo: Photo: A Japanese duck?Photo: Sketches.Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: He also stuffed his own dog.Photo: Photo: Intricate Japanese picknic basket.Photo: Even all the signs were in 3 languages, heh. I think the Japanese reads: “Box that moves vertically”. :PPhoto: Just some scenic shots of LeidenPhoto: Leiden. You can see McDonald's. :DPhoto: