101 Photos - Feb 11, 2011
Photo: Grand Rapids by Sarah Nelson, 1856Photo: Articles of Association for the Kent Scientific InstitutePhoto: Kent Scientific Museum Staff, c.1927Photo: Kent Scientific Museum, c. 1910Photo: Mysteries of Egypt, 1999Photo: The Whale Barn, c. 1910Photo: Children Visitng the Kent Scientific ExhibitPhoto: Pioneer DaysPhoto: Working with the Textile CollectionsPhoto: The Whale Barn, c. 1910Photo: Van Andel Museum CenterPhoto: Magnificent ObsessionsPhoto: Frank Dumond with School Children, c. 1925Photo: Early View of Collections in Old Central High, c. 1880Photo: Children Participating in an Educational ActivityPhoto: Focus on Japan, 1975Photo: Masters of the Arctic, 1989Photo: Mexican Independance Day, 1964Photo: Voigt HousePhoto: Architect's Drawing of Jefferson Building, c. 1935Photo: Propsed Design for Jefferson Building, c. 1935Photo: Circus Elephant Meets Mastodon, 1951Photo: Dedication of Roger B. Chaffee Planetarium, 1967Photo: Eggs in Storage at CARCPhoto: Gaslight Village Plans, 1962Photo: Inspecting the Forge from the Lindberg Gun Shop, 1958Photo: Breaking Ground for Blandford Nature Center, 1968Photo: Planetarium Equipment, 1952Photo: Passenger PigeonPhoto: Van Andel Museum Center Opening Gala, 1994Photo: The Dead Sea Scrolls, 2003Photo: Herpolsheimer's Train, 2000Photo: Potawatomi Tradecloth and Bead Pouch, c. 1897Photo: Quonset Hut Storage, 1951Photo: Collections Staff, 1994Photo: Wolf DioramaPhoto: Rix Robinson's Safe, c. 1840Photo: Voigt House GardensPhoto: Van Andel Museum CenterPhoto: Bell's Exhibit at City Hall, 1961Photo: President James Garfield's Top Hat, c. 1881Photo: Columbian Peace Plow, 1893Photo: Wooden Statuette, AustraliaPhoto: Collections StoragePhoto: Ethnology StoragePhoto: Voigt House Dining RoomPhoto: Frank lloyd Wright Desk, 1937Photo: Bird SpecimensPhoto: Streets of Old Grand RapidsPhoto: Butterfly SpecimensPhoto: The Great Whale Race, 1990Photo: Button Coat, 1960Photo: Kent County Survey Marker, 1837Photo: Doll CollectionsPhoto: Donor Card FilePhoto: Habitats ExhibitPhoto: Furniture City ExhibitPhoto: Habitats ExhibitPhoto: Kent Scientific Room ExhibitPhoto: Portrait of John Ball, c. 1860Photo: John Ball's Writing CasePhoto: The "Mighty" Wurlitzer Band Organ, 2003Photo: Van Andel Museum Center Donor PlaquePhoto: Taxidermy Specimens in StoragePhoto: Van Andel Museum Center GalleriaPhoto: Fishing Boat Bell, c. 1975Photo: Carpet Sweepers in Storage, c. 2002Photo: Youth Talent Exhibit, 1948Photo: Whale Skeleton Hanging in the Jefferson Building, c. 1950Photo: Museum Director with Mastodon Bone, c. 1950Photo: Van Andel Museum Center Opening, 1994Photo: Collections StoragePhoto: Van Andel Museum Center Construction, 1993Photo: Van Andel Museum CenterPhoto: Exhibits Staff, c. 1980Photo: Museum Storage, 1957Photo: Saturday Craft Classes, c. 1950Photo: Archaeology Here and There, 1971Photo: Museum Staff with WPA Map of Michigan, 1951Photo: Museum Curator with Rock Specimens, c. 1965Photo: Children Entering the Jefferson Building, 1952Photo: Students Exiting the Public Museum Bus, c. 1960Photo: Museum President with his Camera, c. 1905Photo: Van Andel Museum Center Groundbreaking, 1991Photo: Painting a Mural in the Streets of Old Grand Rapids, c. 1994Photo: The Grand Rapids Furniture Museum, c. 1945Photo: Museum Director Examining a Skull, c. 1950Photo: Field to Factory Exhibit, 1991Photo: Students Entering the East Building, 1962Photo: The Great Whale Race, c. 1990Photo: Museum Director Reading About the Jefferson Building, c. 1950Photo: Museum Director Trying On a Suit of Armor, c. 1955Photo: People of the Grand Exhibit, c. 1980Photo: School Loan Collection, 1952Photo: Toy Bank Exhibit, 1948Photo: Jefferson Building Display Case, c. 1950Photo: Youth Talent Exhibit, 1948Photo: Furniture Shop Diorama, c. 1955Photo: Youth Talent Exhibit, 1948Photo: Grand Rapids Scientific ClubPhoto: Crane's Museum of Freaks, Snakes, and Whiskered Ladies, c. 1870