6 Photos - Feb 18, 2014
Photo: Nick drinking a fortified wine from a porron.  The goal is to drink it with your arm as outstretched as possible.  Nick didn't get very far--good thing they gave him a napkin to wear as a bib :)Photo: Spherified cocktail.  I'm not sure what was in this, but it was basically some type of liquor encapsulated into a one biter.Photo: 'Sunny-side up' egg for dessert.  The 'yolk' is a spherified sweetened egg yolk (they loved spherifying whatever they could), and the egg white was a cream that gelatinized as it cooled.Photo: e's version of a Ferrero Rocher, served in a ring box.Photo: Photo: They gave us wax sealed menus of our dinner.  They also count the number of guests who come through.  We were something like guest 9342 and 9343 or something.  We wondered what guest #10000 will get.