8 Photos - Aug 4, 2015
Photo: Chester with the incomparable Gale Sayers. Coppock and the Comet have been pals for 45 years.Photo: At the 2015 National Sports Collectors Convention to celebrate Doug  Buffone's life and legacy.Photo: Ronnie Bull, 1962 NFL Rookie of the Year. George Halas loved the tenacity of the hard nosed running back from Waco, Texas. Any time I can see Ronnie, it's a blast!Photo: He required just 68 games to enter the Pro Football Hall of Fame. I love Gale Sayers and his wife. I've known the "Kansas Comet" for 46 years but I've had the eyes on this magnificent athlete since he joined the Bears in 1965.  Yes, I was in Wrigley Field 12/6/65 when Galloping Gale scored six TDs versus a bewildered group of San Francisco 49ers.Photo: Triumph Books promoter Bill Ames... One helluva guy!Photo: Dana Buffone and I absolutely love the bust of #55 and his first NFL head coach, the godfather, George Halas.Photo: Fours Tops reunion tour. Nope, this was Doug and I with Blackhawk Heavyweights John McDonouhg and Jay Blunk.Photo: First, last and always the Papa Bear. Let's face it, Gorge Halas couldn't wait to get his hands on my book about Doug.