39 Photos - Jan 25, 2013
Photo: December 12, 2012 The movers had packed us up a couple of days ago and after a late start Pam and I have been driving for a day and a half. Pam's done a superb job driving the pickup, her first time with a trailer, and she's got a new appreciation for Red Bull. I've driven the Jeep with our two cats. The atmosphere in the Jeep's definitely different than it was when we left, perhaps permanently. We've found our storage locker and unpacked the trailer of valuables. I'm locking up, thinking of food and sleep to come, hopefully soon. Today was our original move-in date but the construction's running late. We'll be in a hotel for the next ten days.Photo: December 13, 2012 We're feeling a little better with some sleep not taken on the road. The movers arrive with our load, right on time.Photo: December 13, 2012 The movers will be unloading into the garage because of the army of contractors working to complete their jobs.  The folks you see here are just finishing up installing the garage doors and the movers are getting ready to unload. Just in time.Photo: December 13, 2012 The stone guys are just finishing up the stackstone at the front entry. We talked for a while, swapping stories. A few careers and half a lifetime ago I did this kind of work. They did a fine job.Photo: December 17, 2012 Fast forward a few days. We’ve been busy with personal business. Here’s a look at the garage, all locked up. Construction dumpster and sand mounds in the background.Photo: December 18, 2012 The master bath is taking shape, cabinets and counter top installed.Photo: December 19, 2012 The granite’s going in, great work by Stone Central. The cabinets, sans hardware, are up. The hardware won’t arrive for weeks.Photo: December 19, 2012 No appliances either, naturally. It’s still too early. The wall plates are in… wait, are they? Notice the one that’s missing? That’s an Ethernet run. I needed to terminate and plate them myself. Well, to be fair, I taught Damian to do it and he did a bunch of 'em.Photo: December 19, 2012 Hard at work on the granite. Killer boots, eh? The open wall above the sink will get a bar top slash counter later. Notice the leather sofa, covered – mostly – with spare mover’s blankets (thanks, North American!). It’ll be there for a while.Photo: December 19, 2012 Some of the door slabs getting finished. These doors have come to be the Achilles’ heel of the job, mostly due to scheduling. Florida’s a moist state, even in winter, and raw wood doesn’t tolerate that too well. Still, they look stunning.Photo: December 19, 2012 More doors in the office. Great late afternoon light.Photo: December 19, 2012 Another shot in the office, with half of the network closet. The hose visible out the window is being used by the pool guys out back.Photo: December 19, 2012 The tile work in the pool is also underway. The shadow is me.Photo: December 19, 2012 The spa’s visible here, still partially packed. Fiesta Pool did a fantastic job of coordinating the spa vendor and enclosure subcontractor. Still, it’s hard to believe that our new move-in date is just three days away.Photo: December 19, 2012 The pool plumbing looked a bit mysterious at first, but I learned it’s really pretty straightforward. The door leads into the garage where other contractors are busy with HVAC and still others work on the water infrastructure.Photo: December 19, 2012 Inside the garage. Some of our stuff piled up on the right with some of the water handling stuff on the left. The water heater looks somewhat oversized because it is. Filtration and conditioning equipment still need to go in.Photo: December 19, 2012 Here’s the bar top I mentioned earlier, just about ready to go in.Photo: December 19, 2012 He’s cutting holes in the stone backsplash for the receptacles and switches.Photo: December 20, 2012 Work on the pool has come quite a way in just a day.Photo: December 20, 2012 The tile work is complete. Two days before we’re supposed to be moving in.Photo: December 20, 2012 The master bath now has fixtures and lighting. Still to come… mirrors, towel bars, a roll holder, heat lamp, cabinet hardware, door handle, and so on and so forth. Some of that’s in today, over a month later, some not yet.Photo: December 20, 2012 It’s a busy construction site! It’ll be home in a couple of days, come hell or high water.Photo: December 20, 2012 The bar top is in, supported by the ever-so-stylish temporary wood post. Better not kick that out accidentally!Photo: December 20, 2012 Near the end of the day. Door inside a doorway. Artful, huh?Photo: December 21, 2012 Behind that fabulous glass wall is the awesome, double rainfall-headed, individually controlled walk-in shower in the world! When I left home in the 70s my first bedroom was almost smaller than that shower. We’ve come to call it a small room with weather. What’s more, with the water heater just several feet away, it’s raining hot by the time you can step in.Photo: December 21, 2012 The guest bathroom’s shaping up, too. The cabinet on the wall was a last-minute addition.Photo: December 21, 2012 The guest bathroom has a tub with jets in addition to the walk-in shower. The shower’s not as big as the one in the master, but it’s every bit as awesome.Photo: December 21, 2012 Meanwhile, outside, there’s a lawn and other landscaping being installed.Photo: December 21, 2012 And back by the pool, the remaining stucco work around the outdoor shower continues. It’s awfully busy with just one day to go.Photo: December 21, 2012 Most of the landscape work in front is complete.Photo: December 21, 2012 But there’s still much more to do on the side.Photo: December 21, 2012 Inside, the sink is working now. Running water’s one of those basics you’ve just gotta have before moving in. Just in time.Photo: December 21, 2012 By the end of the day things are looking pretty good outside.Photo: December 21, 2012 Notice the garage is still full of stuff. Nothing’s budged for 9 days now, we’re still living in a hotel at that point. The place looks nice on the outside but it’s still every bit a construction site on the inside. This is late afternoon, move in’s supposed to be tomorrow. Checkout time is 11 AM.Photo: December 22, 2012 It's about 9 AM and we’re getting ready to check out. Three people with luggage, two cats with support stuff (including a 5-foot-tall scratch platform), and a large amount of computer and network equipment (hey, we have work to do too) are getting packed up. It took 5 trips with the hotel luggage cart to get it out to the pickup. The desk staff started paying more attention after the second trip. We’re not exactly sure what’s going on at the homesite, hope they’re ready.Photo: December 22, 2012 It’s late afternoon and we’re enjoying our first meal squatting, sans final or CO, in our new home. Cool coffee table on the unscrubbed, gritty tile floor. Folding canvas chairs. A wooden stool we’ve been carting around since Pam moved in with me back in the 70s. Subs to go and some drinks. Jackets because it’s chilly when you’re not busy and the windows have been open all day. The heat will be up in a bit. See the notebook in Pam’s hand? That’s the beginnings of the list of stuff to fix and/or finish.Photo: December 23, 2012 Careful with that axe! I’m defending my garage full of everything we own from the demons of the Universe, on Day Two.Photo: December 24, 2012 Christmas Eve. The subcontractors – yeah, they worked most of the day - have gone off to have their holiday. This bar top, serviced by the most uncomfortable stools on Earth, have become the center of our Universe for meals (consisting mostly of beer and to-go food) and talk. Careful of that support! Remaining furniture isn’t much more than what you’ve seen already, plus random cardboard boxes. Today we have Internet service that’s not through a phone. Still squatting. Merry Christmas to you, too!Photo: December 25, 2012 Youth, full of piss and vinegar, stands defiantly in the face of madness on Christmas Day! Damian’s optimism seems a good place to end this photo journey. The next month would bring a good deal of progress and change.