19 Photos - Jan 1, 2012
Photo: The Android "Stand" at Mobile World CongressPhoto: The White Cliffs of DoverPhoto: Overlooking the San Francisco Ferry Building at DawnPhoto: The Android BuildingPhoto: Rancho San AntonioPhoto: Rancho San AntonioPhoto: Romance in Rainy New York CityPhoto: Big Basin RedwoodsPhoto: Ice Cream Sandwich ArrivesPhoto: Ballarat in SpringPhoto: Ballarat WetlandsPhoto: Perth's North Beach at SunsetPhoto: Perth's North Beach at SunsetPhoto: Perth's Jackadder LakePhoto: Los Altos in AutumnPhoto: Flying KittensPhoto: Happy Kitty, Sleepy Kitty, Purrr purrr purrrPhoto: Kittens First ChristmasPhoto: Enough with the kitten photos