28 Photos - Jul 23, 2011
Photo: RRR finally decided not to waste time climbing the bridge and get out and see the town instead.Photo: RRR and the Sydney Opera House.Photo: RRR contemplates climbing the Sydney Harbour bridge.Photo: RRR thinks the opera house looks better at night when it's all lit up.Photo: RRR and his mates: Wombat, Koala, Kangaroo, and Platypus.Video: Welcome to the Land Down Under!Photo: RRR in the Outback. So now what?Photo: RRR and Uluru at twilight.Photo: RRR on ANZAC Hill in Alice Springs.Photo: Careful RRR, you don't want to make the wallaby angry...this one looks evil!Photo: RRR and some kangaroos.Photo: G'day mate, got a hangover?Photo: Cor, look at the size of that 'roo. Crikey! This joey's gone berserk, run for your lives!Photo: RRR can barely see the emu for the trees.Photo: RRR and the Great Barrier Reef.Photo: Hey Farva! What's the name of that restaurant you really like with all the goofy stuff all over the walls?Photo: Thru the TSA, RRR has received advanced training to recognize signs of terrorist activity that most people wouldn't notice.Photo: That's one big tree.Photo: RRR rides into the rainforest near Cairns.Photo: Peek-a-boo!Photo: RRR enjoys waching waterfalls.Photo: RRR is a trend setter when it comes to leaning out of windows on trains.Photo: RRR and a cassowary, the second largest bird in Australia.Photo: RRR wonders if they taste like chicken.Photo: RRR takes a cablecar over the rainforest.Photo: RRR relaxes while the sea bubbles up from the ground.Photo: So tranquil...Photo: RRR and the public pool in Cairns.