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This week has been raining like the dickens here in Tokyo - I'm glad I was able to get out the previous 2 weekends and shoot the cherry blossoms before they were all washed away.

This shot was taken in Yanaka, the site of a fairly large cemetery in the Nippori area.  It's usually a quiet and peaceful place, but the crowds come out during the time of the sakura/cherry blossoms.  However, you can still find some moments of quiet if you venture off the main road.

Settings: D800E / 260mm / ISO 200 / f5.6 / 1/250s

#cherryblossoms   #sakura   #japan   #tokyo   #yanaka  Photo: Harajuku Crowds

Most people who have visited Japan are familiar with this street in this photo - Takeshita-dori in Harajuku.  Lined with dozens of small boutiques, stands, fast-food stores, and cafes, it's a popular destination for the younger crowd (and tourists) in Tokyo.

I actually took this image on the day of the yellow sand storm a few weeks back - fortunately I was not caught in the middle of this crowd when the storm brewed, and I scarpered as soon I saw the clouds building up.

It's been an odd weekend for me - most of it slept away.  Had to go in to work on Saturday, then came home and fell asleep around 5PM to next morning.  This morning went out for taichi, then came home and slept again!  And I'm still tired, not sure why... I'm actually looking forward to getting back to bed as I type this out.

Tomorrow's back to work, so enjoy the rest of your Sunday, wherever you are.  :)

Settings: D800E / 105mm / f4 / ISO 100 / 1/200s

#Tokyo   #Japan   #Harajuku   #Takeshitadori    #竹下通り   #原宿  Photo: She's in the groove

Work has been kicking my butt the last couple of weeks, but I did have the chance to hang out with +Mark Esguerra last Sunday on a short photowalk organized by +Jeff Austin.  It was a fun, casual walk, just hanging out around Omiya, even getting to play with a strobe/softbox that Jeff carted around.

We ended the day with a stop at this small bar/izakaya.  One of the young waitresses at this place was a very cool girl, and completely up for posing for a bunch of random photographers.  I guess she was just one of those people who doesn't mind being in front of a camera - luckily for us.  :)

Off to bed.. up bright and early tomorrow..
G'night folks!

Settings: D800E / 60mm / ISO 500 / f2.8 / 1/60s

#streetphotography  Photo: The Fishermen

April has proven to be one heck of a busy month at the office, so much so that I haven't had the energy/mindset to process the tremendous backlog of images on my harddrive :(

However, last weekend (I can't believe this week is already more than halfway over..) I did have a chance to get out of Tokyo with some fellow photographer friends.  We did NOT get the shots we were hoping for (it ended up raining and snowing), but I still got some shots I was happy with.  Lemonade out of lemons, right?  :)

I think fishermen can be just as crazy a breed as photographers.. maybe even more.  They do make very cool subjects to photograph though!  ;)

Good night from Tokyo!

Settings: D800E / ISO 100 / 200mm / f2.8 / 1/320s

#blackandwhitephotography   #fishermen   #japan  Photo: Afternoon constitutional

Yet another one from the #GPlus2YearAnniversary  photowalk.  (I must say I got quite a few shots I liked on that day!)

This was taken just outside of Yanaka cemetery.  It's a great place to walk around and get people shots; I took another photo around this area during the sakura season that I really liked as well, and the whole area seems to have a temple or shrine on almost every corner.

It's a 3 day weekend, yay!  But I work on Monday still... (>_<).  But hopefully only a half day, so it's still a 2-and-a-half-day weekend ;)

Goodnight from Tokyo!

#Yanaka   #Tokyo   #Japan   #blackandwhite  Photo: Jinrikisha

Yes, another one from the #GPlus2YearAnniversary  photowalk.  Almost finished going through them though.  (^^;

I've seen these "jinrikisha" around the Asakusa area, but though it looks like fun, I've never tried it riding in one myself.  I know it's odd because it's their job, but I would always feel sorry for someone who had to pull me around!
That, and it's a little expensive...

Off to bed, good night from Tokyo!

Settings: D800E / 105mm / f4 / ISO 100 / 1/500s

#Japan   #Tokyo   #Asakusa   #Jinriksha  Photo: Decisions, decisions

Tokyo's ubiquitous vending machines offer a myriad of choices -, even the act of choosing something to drink can sometimes give one a moment to pause.

#Tokyo   #Japan   #Streetphotography  Photo: Mirror vision

I posted an image of a butterfly a little while back - this was taken right after the butterfly fluttered off.  In fact, if you look really carefully, you can see him/her on the ground.  :)

Settings: D800E / 24mm / f8 / ISO250 / 1/80s / -0.3ev

#Tokyo   #Reflections   #Clouds  Photo: Walking the straight and narrow

A common sight on the streets of Ginza on a weekend.  However, this weekend may see fewer pedestrians out and about with the typhoon Man-yi heading our way.

Looks like tomorrow may be a good day to stay home!

#Tokyo   #Ginza   #Japan  Photo: Peace~

I visited Singapore for work last month but unfortunately only had part of a day off, so didn`t have much time to explore.  :(
I ended up visiting the Gardens By the Bay, a pleasant (and more importantly, COOL) place to spend a few hours admiring the gardens and do some people-watching.

Got a few shots that I liked that day, but I thought this was the most fun :)

#Streetphotography   #blackandwhite   #Singapore  Photo: Photo: ε=ε=┏( >_<)┛

On Sunday, I participated in the annual Fit for Charity 10k run.  It wasn't too bad - I've recently started practicing jogging again, trying to get in shape for next year's Tokyo marathon, so I wasn't too wiped after the run.

However, one of my office colleagues got sick and I was suddenly "invited" to take his place in the 400m relay race!  (4 people, 100m each).   It was quite the experience.  I'm NOT a fast runner by any means, I prefer the "slow and steady" pace, so this 100m dash was completely new, but I have to say, very exciting!  This shot is one of the runners - he looked quite fit and in shape..

I am quite wiped out though.. and legs are protesting fiercely (^^;

#Japan   #FitforCharity   #Tokyo   #Running  Photo: Snow monks

This photo was actually taken last week , during the big snowstorm that buffeted Tokyo.  If I recall what the news said - the most snow to hit Tokyo in almost half a century?

Regardless, I ventured out to the same location I went to last year - Meiji Jingu shrine, and shot around a little, joined later by +adithya anand and +Aaron Tang .

I hope to upload the rest of my images later (still struggling with website configuration as I mentioned forever ago), but thought it would be appropriate to post this today since we're experiencing another round of heavy snow in Tokyo this morning.

Stay warm, stay safe, and TGIF all.

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