21 Photos - Dec 28, 2012
Photo: Our holidays took a tough turn this month when my father became suddenly and gravely ill and had to be hospitalized. My mother was stretched thin with worry and increased responsibility.Photo: My dad was in good hands and getting better, but my Mom was still stressed. Living in Chicago I felt powerless to be of help until I remembered Peapod.Photo: My dad is normally the shopper of the house in Milwaukee, butI was able to log onto Peapod.com from my Chicago computer and fill in for him.Photo: I thought I would just be buying regular groceries, but then I discovered they offer full, heat and serve holiday meals. The one I ordered said it would serve 8-10 people and it only cost $69.99.Photo: After filling my basket I chose a pickup time. Since my order was being placed before 7pm I was free to choose as early as 7am for delivery the next day! But I was nicer than that to my mother. I chose between 11am and 1pm.Photo: Like clockwork the van drove up to my parents house the next day. They caled to let my mom know she was the next delivery even.Photo: The driver brouht all of the bags right to my mother's kitchen.Photo: She couldn't believe the amount of food she was getting.Photo: The value was clear as day on the receipt. I used a giftcard that I had from an event, and I also got her a first order discount. Plus many items I ordered were on sale too!Photo: The driver gave my mom a circular with a promo code that entitles her to free delivery for the next 60 days too!Photo: The driver made a new friend with his delivery and earned a "Gammy hug" too!Photo: Peapod delivers, but we had to put the food away.Photo: Luckily my parents have an extra fridge in the basement for storage.Photo: Defintely need to hide the pie!Photo: My kids and I made our way to Milwaukee in time for Christmas.Photo: I have never made a holiday meal before. (Don't judge).) Luckily Peaod included directions for the heat and serve meal.Photo: There were also specific directions on each of the prepared dishes. It was so easy even I was able to do it.Photo: And do it I did! It was delicious too if I may say so myself.Photo: We had enough leftovers to bring a plate, (or two), for my father at the hospital. The food and his grandbabbies made him feel much better.Photo: The simplicity of the dinner made my Mom feel better too. Enough so that she was finally able to breathe a sigh of relief. That truly was a gift.Photo: Thank you Peapod for helping me save Christmas. SMILE On! “I am a member of the Collective Bias™ Social Fabric® Community. This content has been compensated as part of a social shopper insights study for Collective Bias™ #CBias #SocialFabric."