61 Photos - Jan 9, 2012
Photo: Walgreens is back home in downtown Chicago. Let's celebrate!Photo: Woo Hoo! It's me Miss Lori. I'm here representing my Social Fabric crew from Collective Bias!Photo: There's some of my peeps, Randi Kleckler nad Cynthia Wardnen.Photo: This is what you see when you walk in the door. Yes, SUSHI!Photo: Not just run of the mill sushi. Very special sushi. Made just for this store.Photo: Best of all, it's affordable sushi. This platter is only a little over $^!Photo: If sushi isn't your thing don't woorry there is plenty more to choose from. Like sandwiches.Photo: Walgreens is using a lot of local growers to create their dishes.Photo: We were lucky to get the inside scopp from Jim Jensen.Photo: Oh yes,  we take pics. We take notes. We are professionals don't ya know!Photo: Not only is deLish the name of tanother Walgreens brand it's the perfect description for the food too.Photo: Gotta tweet that!Photo: Feeling a little under nourished? Why not try a  special homemade juice or smoothie?Photo: SO many great flavors to choose from.Photo: But if you are hankering for some dessert, there's always the Fro Yo bar.Photo: No measuring scoops here. Take as much as you need to make the perfect sundae.Photo: Too cold for frozen yogurt? How about some freshly made bakery items?Photo: And I do mean fresh! Many of the items are baked on site. I bet that smells amazing.Photo: If you are saving your calories you can't go wrong with the fresh cut fruit. Such a beautiful array of nutritious colors.Photo: The fresh till date is stamped right on the front for all to see.Photo: If you prefer to peel your own fruit, there's a produce stand just for you.Photo: This display really caught my eye.Photo: Yogurt covered pretzels. Only $1!Photo: Did you forget to pick up flowers for a special someone?Photo: There in full bloom right here in the store.Photo: Now to the other side of the store.Photo: Such inspiring decorations. All Chicago, all the time.Photo: WINE!!!!Photo: And cheese!Photo: And more wine.Photo: Or liquor.Photo: WIIIINNNEEE!Photo: King Edward said it best.Photo: Wwwwine! can you guess what I like?Photo: But if you like hard liquor concoctions you have your very own Virtual Bartender booth to help you.Photo: First though, you must prove your age.Photo: $1 WINE. Oh baby!Photo: Or you could pay $2000 for this liquor.Photo: I'm staying with the wine.Photo: Ok, time to move onto the second floor.Photo: Going up!Photo: I love the lighting. So much easier to see the over teh counter medicines.Photo: Hey look who is here!Photo: Group pic with the twins nad the Collective Bias gals!Photo: Anyone feeling under the weather?Photo: Step right up, the nurse will see you now.Photo: Otherwise you can talk to a pharmacist, they are out from behind the counter in this store.Photo: Let's get beautiful!Photo: Nails too.Photo: Don't forget the hair.Photo: And Lashes!Photo: Looking sexy Cynthia!Photo: Hey isn't that Neutrogena Spokesperson Gabrielle Union!?Photo: I think it is.Photo: Don't we look cute together? I wish my girls were here.Photo: So does the Governor. Governor Pat Quinn asked about my girls. We have run into him quite a few times in recent months. This time we didn't sing together though.Photo: Mayor Rahm Emanuel defintely wasn't singing. Just shaking hands.Photo: Drum roll please. I now pronounce this Walgreens officially open!Photo: Hooray!Photo: I've got treats for my kids. No Jaedyn you have to oepn the box first.Photo: Thanks Walgreens and Collective Bias. I am proud to have been a part of this event. SMILE On!