74 Photos - Jan 11, 2013
Photo: Lots of Photographers at the Trey walkPhoto: AgainPhoto: Super SaverPhoto: AlleywaysPhoto: TreesPhoto: WatchingPhoto: LensPhoto: TrainPhoto: Shooting Dimmys MuralPhoto: Reflections of the SkyPhoto: MatchesPhoto: Dimmys doorwayPhoto: Inside Dimmys, all gonePhoto: Please donatePhoto: DoorwaysPhoto: ClingingPhoto: No StandingPhoto: BarrelsPhoto: Low clearancePhoto: Queenie and ShariPhoto: Colourful wallPhoto: Reflections of PhotographersPhoto: No Standing WallPhoto: BricksPhoto: MeowPhoto: JunkPhoto: Guess Who?Photo: The smallest things can be so interestingPhoto: GeorgePhoto: Old fridgePhoto: Colourful wallPhoto: DoorwayPhoto: MeshPhoto: SalutePhoto: Group salutePhoto: DragonPhoto: Street artPhoto: No standing, you are being watchedPhoto: What's Up?Photo: Time?Photo: ReflectionsPhoto: ChippiesPhoto: From DSLRs to Camera phonesPhoto: Google+, the walk down underPhoto: View of the YarraPhoto: ClimbingPhoto: Mario and MarioPhoto: ShootingPhoto: Tree lightsPhoto: Tree lightsPhoto: Hi, I'm Kim Flowers, here's my card!Photo: SilhouettesPhoto: Strike a posePhoto: JumpingPhoto: PostersPhoto: In the gutterPhoto: GrowingPhoto: One wayPhoto: Wavy housePhoto: Patrons onlyPhoto: MeshPhoto: Eating the binPhoto: What is the collective noun for a group of Photographers?Photo: Took the Lensbaby, Used it oncePhoto: Eureka! It's Paul!Photo: Shooting across the riverPhoto: HelecopterPhoto: Crossing the streetPhoto: Twirling twirling twirling towards freedomPhoto: Photographers on the riverbankPhoto: CrownPhoto: Spencer street bridgePhoto: Bridge in Black and WhitePhoto: Bridge