6 Photos - Apr 27, 2012
Photo: The virtual field trip utilized video-conferencing technology, high speed Internet and the hospital’s integrated operating room cameras and imaging systems to virtually link the OR to the classroom.Photo: The e-fieldtrip allowed students to view the entire surgery from multiple cameras and angles inside the operating room – and even peer inside the patient’s body.Photo: Students in Venice High School’s “Medical Academy” were able to observe a minimally invasive robotic surgery (partial gastrectomy) and interact with the surgical team – live and in real time – just as if they were in the operating room!Photo: Surgical cameras utilized by Sarasota Memorial’s da Vinci-S Surgical System provided live-streamed video of miniature surgical tools remote controlled by Sarasota Memorial General Surgeon John Nora, MD, as he worked to remove a cancerous lesion from a patient’s stomach.Photo: Sarasota Memorial General Surgeon John Nora, MD working on the daVinci robot.Photo: Dr. Nora and the robotic surgical team narrated key steps during the procedure, answered live questions from the students and peppered the class with facts about cancer and the digestive system.