7 Photos - Jan 24, 2012
Photo: Tamela Fonseca, RN, CCRC, is project manager of the Total Cancer Care research department. The department has four RNs and two Data Specialists. Tamela describes them as a "fun, energetic, positive & cohesive team."Photo: Beth Carr, RN and Sandy Davis, RN The Total Cancer Care department is located on the 3rd floor (south of the C elevators). Stop by & check out their bulletin board to learn more about the exciting trials they are involved in.Photo: Beth Carr, RN The Total Cancer Care team is interested in everything from sports and volunteering to travel and couponing. The best part is that "we challenge one another both personally and professionally," which ultimately reflects in the positive care provided to their patients.Photo: Carrie Ottlinghaus, Data Specialist The Total Cancer Care nurses and data specialists have established an incomparable program & continue to provide the best care; ensuring patient safety & education, integrity of protocol implementation and accuracy of data collection and submission.Photo: Jamie Huston, Data Specialist The Total Cancer Care team have several gynecological trials open right now and are in the process of opening several more including an exciting new vaccine trial for cancer treatment.Photo: Melissa Bornhorst, RN The Total Cancer Care research team has a critical role in every aspect of the clinical trials that are open in our Women's Cancer Care program.Photo: Sandy Davis, RN The Total Cancer Care team's interests range from heavy metal to country to classical, from vampire diaries to biographies, from dogs to cats, from experienced moms to new moms, from marathoners to movie junkies, - you get the idea.