44 Photos - Feb 26, 2007
Photo: Here's a gallery piece from Gorbet Design (Matt Gorbet, Susan Gorbet and Rob Gorbet) titled From Me to You.Photo: The wood box for it was made for us by Rex Lingwood, an amazing wood artist who helped us create the look we wanted for it. We were very happy with the result.Photo: The letters on top are a vintage technology called Nixie tubes. They were made in the 1960s in order to get output from computers before there were LCD screens, and they aren't manufactured any more.Photo: The piece was hung on the wall at the end of a hallway on the second floor of the Gladstone hotel. Other artists/designers had their work in the rooms to each side.Photo: Turning the vintage radio knobs on the front of the box allows people to change the letters, and they can put in any word they choose.Photo: People loved turning the knobs and changing the words.Photo: It was great to see people get absorbed by the interaction.Photo: Many words were entered, from the silly...Photo: ...to the more interesting.Photo: After a word is entered, and she steps back to admire her work...Photo: ...a single letter in the word fades to become something new...Photo: ...and again, and again, creating a mental narrative.Photo: For us, the piece is about language and relationships, and about how each affects the other, and about how small changes can make a very big difference, both in language and relationships.Photo: From some words, there are many possibilities.Photo: The piece has a list inside and knows a little bit about each word.Photo: It makes decisions on the fly about which word to choose next...Photo: ...so you won't always get the same result from the same word.Photo: Even though we made it, we never know what it's going to do.Photo: Sometimes it seems like perhaps a mad scientist had a terrible lab accident...Photo: ...and wound up inside the box...Photo: ...but isn't very happy...Photo: ...because he (she?) was in love...Photo: ...and is still trying...Photo: ...to communicate with us...Photo: ...Or maybe it's all just...Photo: ...a microcontroller...Photo: ...and an awful lot of programming.Photo: Yeah, that's it.Photo: Throughout the three-day show, people were captivated by the changing words.Photo: They even posed with it.Photo: Often, unexpected words appeared...Photo: ...and the expected ones too.Photo: The response was great - people kept telling us that it was their favorite piece in the show.Photo: They came back again and again to put in new words and watch the changes.Photo: They would drag their friends over to see it.Photo: Sometimes...Photo: ...people just laughed...Photo: ...and sometimes they just stared.Photo: So many words...Photo: ...that it was hard to keep track.Photo: Some people even put in their names (her name is True)...Photo: ...just to see what would happen...Photo: ...and the results were predictably unpredictable.Video: