19 Photos - Apr 14, 2013
Photo: Raspberry Pi in SpacePhoto: +Pete Goodliffe has a WTF momentPhoto: The list of Lightning Talks from the first day of ACCU 2013Photo: +Michel Grootjans about a very special programming languagePhoto: Love amongst crickets, by +Brian MarickPhoto: +Chris Oldwood explains robustnessPhoto: The Bletchley Park stand had a (replica) Enigma machine on display ...Photo: The Enigma's dirty little secret: Powered by ...Photo: This may not be the best way to motivate your employees ... +Zslot FabokPhoto: No geek conference without XKCD references.Photo: +Bjarne Stroustrup's keynote on Friday morning. Sadly, the Curiosity rover did not get any further mentions.Photo: +Gavin Heavyside is honest with his audience.Photo: The ACCU tradition of having 15 minute Lightning Keynotes has to do with a certain volcano. +Ewan Milne explains why.Photo: +Seb Rose on why you probably don't want to hire passionate programmers.Photo: +Adam Petersen sees code as a crime scene and does some profiling.Photo: +Greg Law reminds us of the consequences (and true cost) of software bugs.Photo: "Rubber Duck Debugging", aka explain the problem to someone else to solve it (or to a rubber duck, if nobody's around).Photo: ... and a quick reminder to my fellow geeks to make better use of screen real estate, especially when showing code.Photo: +John Lakos busy creating the 750 slides that he used in his 90 min session the next day.