38 Photos - Dec 30, 2011
Photo: main layout and comic book coverpagePhoto: showing first pagePhoto: "About" dialogPhoto: Fit Width Zoom LevelPhoto: Zoom on frame levelPhoto: Comic Book Meta-Data DialogPhoto: Tech Info DialogPhoto: Rotated pagePhoto: Table of Contents DialogPhoto: ACBF Viewer running under MS WindowsPhoto: Preferences DialogPhoto: Font selection dialogPhoto: Text-layer drawn automatically to fit into comic bubbles (Slovak translation)Photo: Another image showing Slovak translation text-layerPhoto: Example of <inverted> tag usage (white letters on black background)Photo: Example of using text-rotation attribute of <text-area> tagPhoto: Image Enhancement DialogPhoto: Help screen with shortcutsPhoto: Comic Book Library - Normal LayoutPhoto: Comic Book Library - Compact LayoutPhoto: Comic Book Library - Open Book DialogPhoto: Comic Book Library - List LayoutPhoto: Setting up library filterPhoto: Library Info Dialog - pie chartPhoto: Library Info Dialog - bar chartPhoto: The Kind You Don't Take Home to Mother by Ryan EstradaPhoto: Navy History and Tradition 1817-1865Photo: About WindowPhoto: ACBF Editor - main layoutPhoto: Photo: Editing SeriesPhoto: Editing Table of ContentsPhoto: Editing Publish DatePhoto: Editing Styles/FontsPhoto: PreferencesPhoto: Frames Editor - Main LayoutPhoto: Frames Editor - Editing Text LayersPhoto: Frames Editor - Shortcuts