115 Photos - Mar 19, 2014
Photo: rd to baines - photo ScottsPhoto: Photo: Doring BayPhoto: Photo: On the Way to AusPhoto: At Klein Aus heading for the Geisterschulct HutPhoto: Klein Aus VistaPhoto: Klein Aus VistaPhoto: Klein Aus VistaPhoto: Klein Aus VistaPhoto: Photo: Photo: Entering South Camp Nxai PanPhoto: Nxai panPhoto: Nxai panPhoto: Nxai panPhoto: Camp 2 Nxai Pan before the rainPhoto: Set up camp Nxai panPhoto: Nxai panPhoto: NxaiPhoto: NxaiPhoto: NxaiPhoto: The clouds gather NxaiPhoto: NxaiPhoto: NxaiPhoto: NxaiPhoto: The morning after: Venice in AfricaPhoto: After the storm NxaiPhoto: NxaiPhoto: nxaiPhoto: nxaiPhoto: Photo: on the way to bainesPhoto: Photo: Photo: BainesPhoto: BainesPhoto: Baines BoababsPhoto: Baines photo McNairsPhoto: Baines very soft & wet panPhoto: communing with nature BainesPhoto: BainesPhoto: Njuca Hills campPhoto: at NjucaPhoto: rain coming NjucaPhoto: NjucaPhoto: NjucaPhoto: NjucaPhoto: KhumagaPhoto: KhumagaPhoto: Photo: Photo: KhumagaPhoto: Boteti River KhumagaPhoto: Boteti RiverPhoto: Boteti RiverPhoto: Boteti RiverPhoto: Photo: BotetiPhoto: Photo: Boteti River KhumagaPhoto: Photo: Boteti River KhumagaPhoto: BotetiPhoto: KhumagaPhoto: Khumaga Camp sitePhoto: Boteti RiverPhoto: RakopsPhoto: RakopsPhoto: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Torsion Bar support armPhoto: White indicates where extra plates were fitted both sides after welding repairPhoto: seriously under-engineeredPhoto: with attachmentsPhoto: Kuke Vet Fence Road to CKR Tsau GatePhoto: CKRPhoto: no not scottish games - the Rescued becomes the Rescuer willy pulling out my winch to get him outPhoto: CKR - photo ScottsPhoto: CKR photo ScottsPhoto: CKR photo ScottsPhoto: CKR Photo ScottsPhoto: CKR photo ScottsPhoto: EFI 4500 Roger & Claire Scott CKRPhoto: CKR photo ScottsPhoto: yawellnofine CKR photo scottsPhoto: Klein Aus Vista Desert Vista Eagles Nest - Bliss :-)Photo: Desert VistaPhoto: Klein Aus Vista Eagles NestPhoto: K Aus Desert VistaPhoto: K AusPhoto: Desert VistaPhoto: waiting for the braai fire - yum yumPhoto: Desert VistaPhoto: Desert VistaPhoto: Desert VistaPhoto: Desert VistaPhoto: Desert VistaPhoto: Desert VistaPhoto: Desert VistaPhoto: K AusPhoto: Rd to LuderitzPhoto: sand on the line Rd to LuderitzPhoto: Luderitz BayPhoto: Station waiting for the tracks luderitzPhoto: Railway Station ! look ma no tracksPhoto: Best house in LuderitzPhoto: Luderitz bayPhoto: LuderitzPhoto: Daisy Lodge SpringbokPhoto: Daisy Lodge SpringbokPhoto: Springbok starting to feel better :-)