31 Photos - Feb 8, 2012
Photo: Finished toolboxPhoto: Breaking the board downPhoto: Raw toolbox piecesPhoto: Marking the tails for one sidePhoto: Removing the easy waste firstPhoto: First tails completePhoto: I need some more practice sawingPhoto: Removing most of the waste between the tails with a coping sawPhoto: Tails done on one sidePhoto: Transferring the tails to the other sidePhoto: Laying out the pinsPhoto: First joint!Photo: Second jointPhoto: One side donePhoto: View from inside the toolboxPhoto: Laying out the pinsPhoto: Nice crisp cuts to followPhoto: Marking the cut lines for the pins.Photo: Making the knife marks more visiblePhoto: Making crisp knife marks for cutting out the wastePhoto: My sawing is getting betterPhoto: Groove to hold the bottomPhoto: Raw pieces for bottomPhoto: Half-lap jointPhoto: The groove for the bottom has to extend into the pinPhoto: Squaring the end of the groovePhoto: Bootom of toolboxPhoto: How the bottom fits inPhoto: Tapering the sidesPhoto: Dry fitPhoto: Pulling the joints together while the glue dries