14 Photos - Jan 6, 2014
Photo: Terri Kerwawich, Program Director, leads a member of the "Miss Fancy" BrigadePhoto: Paul Dignam, Regional Manager, looks on during his security duties.Photo: Rob Gilliam, Distict Caretaker Supervisor escorts a comic brigade captain to the judge's stand.Photo: George Geiss, Facility Supervisor, and colleague take quick break in the staff trailer.Photo: Jerry Boligitz, District Manager, takes surveys the crowd.Photo: Score card for Comic Brigade.Photo: PPR staff look over scores as they judge the Fancies.Photo: Harvey Pollack, former Deparment of Recreation Employee, and Celeste Skipworth-Reid count up the numbers.Photo: David Ganley (left), uploads judges recordings during the string band presentations. Voice recordings are reviewd by string bands after judging is complete.Photo: Maureen Maier, Program Director, and Susan Buck, Regional Manager, discuss logistics of string band juding.Photo: Kevin Somerville gets into the show.Photo: Leo Dignam (left), Deputy Commissioner and the Parade's director, discussing timing with Sam Lepera (retired) from Capital Planning.Photo: Happy parade-goers!Photo: Certified Public Accountants from Bowman & Company, LLP, ensure accuracy of the string band judging.