144 Photos - Apr 14, 2014
Photo: Getting ready for the judges to beginPhoto: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Louisiana irises and SpuriasPhoto: Photo: Photo: Jaime Hadley and Dara Smith prepare to enter all show data into the computer.Photo: Photo: The essential R & I books are available for confirmation of iris names.Photo: Photo: Photo: Ellen gets the prizes ready.Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: The Youth Division table reflects the Show Theme:  'Iris Under the Big Top'.Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: The Judges wait in the Hospitality Room.Photo: Horticultural Judges Dell Perry, Lowell Baumunk, and Al ElliottPhoto: Artistic Judges Dolores Rumpf and June WoodPhoto: Al and Barbara ElliottPhoto: Hanky-panky in the kitchenPhoto: The Judges begin a walk-through to get first impressions of the entries.Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: The Artistic Judges write valuable comments about each design.Photo: The Horticultural Judges begin conferring.Photo: Photo: Clerk Dara Smith puts out the ribbons after the Judges make their decisions.Photo: Photo: Photo: D. Boyle was ready to punch the photographer.Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: David Kraemer waits for the blue-ribbon entries which he will move to the Table of Consideration.Photo: While the judging takes place, ISA members get the Green Room ready for the luncheon.Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: The judging continues.Photo: Jaime begins entering the data on the entry cards.Photo: Photo: David places one of the blue-ribbon entries on the Table of Consideration.Photo: Photo: The Table of ConsiderationPhoto: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: The Judges make their final decision on the Queen of the Show.Photo: Suspense!Photo: The Head TablePhoto: Photo: Best Specimen of Show, Best White, Best Tall Bearded - ‘Silverado’ - Debbie HoodPhoto: Photo: Photo: Runner-up to Best Specimen of Show, Best Spuria - ‘White Heron’ - Don and Pat FreemanPhoto: Best Gold - ‘Glitter Gulch’ - Pat ByrnePhoto: Photo: Best Multi-color, Best Amoena - 'Stir It Up' - Don and Pat FreemanPhoto: Best Median - ‘Desert Bouquet’ - Tony SheridanPhoto: Best Red, Best Louisiana - ‘Rhett’ - Don and Pat FreemanPhoto: Photo: Best Youth - ‘Morning Reveille’ - Tiffany SheridanPhoto: Photo: Photo: Best Space Ager - ‘Horned Rosy Red’ - Donna LittlePhoto: Best Bi-color - ‘Wild Prairie Sunset’ - Roger AbelPhoto: Photo: Best Yellow - ‘Notta Lemon’ - Don and Pat FreemanPhoto: Best Purple - ‘Phantom Mist’ - Donna LittlePhoto: Best Plicata - ‘Cherokee Heritage’ - Donna LittlePhoto: Photo: Best Brown - ‘Rustler’ - Don and Pat FreemanPhoto: Best Bi-tone, Best Specimen Hybridized in Texas - ‘Tobacco Chew’ - Stephanie SheridanPhoto: Photo: Best Pink - ‘Elegant Girl’ - Marney AbelPhoto: Photo: Photo: Best Historic, Best Violet - ‘William A. Setchell’ - Stephanie SheridanPhoto: Best Blue - ‘Victoria Falls’ - Donna LittlePhoto: Photo: Photo: 'Clowning Around' (Novice) - Linda NeudeckPhoto: 'Gospel Under the Tent' (Religious) - Nelda MoorePhoto: Best Design of the Show:  'Gospel Under the Tent' - Pat FreemanPhoto: 'Elephant Family Side Show' (Two Containers) - Lori AndersonPhoto: 'The Side Show' (Tall Man and Bearded Lady) - Dara SmithPhoto: 'Ring Master' (Designer's Choice) - Tracey RogersPhoto: 'Funny Face' - Jaime HadleyPhoto: 'Ring Master' - Pat FreemanPhoto: 'Ring Master - The Lion Tamer' - Dara SmithPhoto: 'Ring Master' - Jim LandersPhoto: Photo: 'Ring Master' - Ken FuchsPhoto: Photo: 'Two Ring Circus' (Table for Two) - Nelda MoorePhoto: 'Two Ring Circus' (Rings of Flowers) - Tracey RogersPhoto: Photo: Best Collection: Three Stalks/Same Variety - 'Wild Prairie Sunset' - Marney AbelPhoto: Potted irises for salePhoto: Photo: Photo: "Member's discount, please."Photo: Photo: Soft taco luncheon with all the fixin'sPhoto: Chicken or beef?Photo: Photo: Yum!!Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Donna Little can hardly believe she has four entries on the Head Table.  Her husband Tim looks on.Photo: Lori Anderson and her Elephant Family CircusPhoto: Linda Neudeck, just Clowning AroundPhoto: Photo: Photo: Esther Stone's on the move as Bob looks on and Audrey Baker takes a picture.Photo: Photo: Well, it's about time D. Boyle smiles.Photo: Photo: 'Pooh Bear' (standard dwarf bearded),  the smallest entry in the showPhoto: Photo: Photo: Shirley Friesen makes a sale.Photo: Audrey Baker admires Marney Abel's collection.Photo: Photo: Tony Sheridan and Hien DuongPhoto: Tony, Stephanie, Hien, and TiffanyPhoto: Photo: Youth Member Tiffany Sheridan and her Intermediate Bearded iris 'Farside'Photo: Stephanie Sheridan beams with pride for grandson Shayden Bedingfield.Photo: Youth Member Shaden Bedingfield and his Historic iris 'Bang' (1955)