35 Photos - Jun 3, 2013
Photo: "Temple of Diana" in NimesPhoto: Abbot Hamburger of St.-RomainPhoto: Archbishop Hamburger of ViennePhoto: At the Gates of Aigues MortesPhoto: Bird's Eye View of a Roman Mosaic, LyonPhoto: Downstream at the Pont du GardPhoto: Getting Medieval in the Cloister at ViennePhoto: Going with the Flow at the Pont du GardPhoto: In the Museum at ArlesPhoto: In the Refectory of the Papal Palace, AvignonPhoto: Les etudiants at Les MonumentsPhoto: Maison CarréPhoto: Marching down the Via DomitiaPhoto: Meeting in the Bouleuterion at GlanumPhoto: No, it isn't the Maison CarréPhoto: One Tomb per Person (St. Roman)Photo: Porta Augusta in NimesPhoto: Showtime in OrangePhoto: St.-GillesPhoto: Striking Statuesque Poses in the Theater at ViennePhoto: Surveying Vaison-la-RomainPhoto: The Audience at ArlesPhoto: The Team at St.-Trophime in ArlesPhoto: Theater in ViennePhoto: Toilet Break at Vaison-la-RomainePhoto: Way Above the Pont d'AvignonPhoto: What have the Romans ever done for us?Photo: Zombie bishops at MontmajourPhoto: Atop Narbonne CathedralPhoto: Perfect SymmetryPhoto: Mind the GapPhoto: Sitting in the ruins of a library in a beautiful garden.Photo: On top of a roman aqueduct!!!!!!!Photo: Spitting cherries during lunch.Photo: Intrepid explorer