33 Photos - Jun 20, 2013
Photo: Photo: Somewhere in the city centre.Photo: The GPS-hobbit.Photo: There was a wide array of trams, from those modern ones to "it's 1980-something" versions.Photo: At the Museum of Communism. North Korea's detention facilities - take your pick.Photo: Jan gave Vladimir Ilyich a makeover. At the Museum of Communism.Photo: The interrogation room at the Museum of Communism. I was there, peacefully minding my own business, when suddenly, the phone on the desk started to ring. It was a proper "I've been taken back in time" moment.Photo: A happy tourist in Prague Old Town.Photo: Petřín Lookout Tower, kind of like a mini Eiffel Tower.Photo: View to Prague from Petřín tower.Photo: View to Prague from Petřín tower.Photo: View to Prague from Petřín tower.Photo: A sound piece of advice :pPhoto: The obligatory tourist shot.Photo: Yes, you can have a beer in a 3-litre pitcher. At Strahov Monastic Brewery.Photo: Our friendly neighbourhood cafe (near the hotel) - delicious crepes, coffee, fresh fruit lemonades and appel strudel.Photo: The television tower in Žižkov (216 m) - so ugly it's actually kind of cool. The crawling babies are by controversial Czech artist David Černý.Photo: Odd Prague mailboxes (in fact so odd that we had to go very close to determine it's actually a mailbox and that we can slip the postcards in :p)Photo: The day we discovered BUBBLE TEA!Photo: Olšany cemetery in Žižkov is the largest cemetary in Prague.Photo: Grave of Franz Kafka in New Jewish Cemetery.Photo: That evening we went through almost the whole alphabet of cocktails in the menu of Globe.Photo: My only book purchase from Prague.Photo: It's Czech Cola!Photo: On the Prague Castle territory. Too many tourists, wasn't my favourite place.Photo: In St Vitus Cathedral.Photo: That was an odd sight considering it was +33C outside.Photo: I kind of took liking to Czech Cola.Photo: View from Prague Castle grounds.Photo: Still at the Castle grounds.Photo: And more beer. It was so good.Photo: Jan thinking about the possibilities of bringing Bubble Tea to Finland.Photo: