26 Photos - Jul 23, 2012
Photo: Wall in Shānshuǐ, with some Mǐn romanisationPhoto: In a corner, I spotted the corresponding charactersPhoto: The well itselfPhoto: Just some of the hardships your correspondent had to bravePhoto: Check out how 祂 tā 'He' is used on this sign describing a sacred banyan treePhoto: Èrkàn village, beautiful old village with written Mǐn everywherePhoto: Photo: In Mǐn: you're welcome to come in without an invitation!Photo: Photo: The primary schoolPhoto: Photo: Some interesting Bopomofo on a sign in the village school.Photo: A nice art-deco dustbin, you say?Photo: No, not really! By the way, looking at Weibo posts, ǒu 偶 instead of wǒ 我 seems to be a wide-spread cute "misspelling" (on which more in another post)Photo: Feel free to come in, enjoy the freshness, and look at the ... ?Photo: Protect the environment, 將咱上好的留給咱的下一代Photo: Teahouse: 喫茶坊Photo: Lyrics of a traditional island song in the Pénghú museum of local historyPhoto: Photo: Some more Mǐn writing in the museumPhoto: Photo: 灶腳, the Mǐn word for 'kitchen'?Photo: Name of a toy that local kids used to play with...Photo: ...looks like a good old spinning top to mePhoto: Eating this is extremely refreshing - Pénghú's best ice cream. Also check out the Japanese _no_ instead of 的.Photo: