8 Photos - Feb 17, 2013
Photo: 2 growlers from here, one was a milk stout the other a ruby ale. They're just 2 blocks down the street from me and they generally make great beer.
The Ruby Ale is one of their regular beers and is my favourite, the Milk Stout is a seasonal and is quite well done.Photo: The first of the beers from Stone Brewing that we tasted. I'm not a huge fan of Belgian beers but this one was nice, the roasted malts helped to cover the flavour of banana I always get from belgians.Photo: Another delicious selection from Stone. Hard to get a bad beer from this breweryPhoto: I could drink this beer and nothing else for the rest of my life and be totally OK with that.Photo: Hadn't heard of these guys before. A decent IPA, grassy and bitter but balanced well. I liked it and would drink it againPhoto: I really like this IPA, very citrusy which is the hop profile I prefer.Photo: Not too heavily smoked so it doesn't override the other flavours in the porter.Photo: A little tasting of my own homebrew as well, a Hazelnut Brown Ale