98 Photos - Oct 3, 2014
Photo: AFOLS waiting for the opening of the FANWEEKEND 2014Photo: Key Note Speaker Soeren Lund and his favourite Lego as a childPhoto: KimPhoto: Steering GroupPhoto: The Steering GroupPhoto: Elke & StefanPhoto: Jamie BerardPhoto: Lego Ideas WorkshopPhoto: Another Version of the EXOSUIT - By Lego Designer Mark Stafford - he loves the traditional blue brick :)Photo: Lego Ideas - AFOL Designer Peter ReidPhoto: The Original VersionPhoto: AFOL Designer of the EXOSUIT - Peter ReidPhoto: LEGO Designer Mark StaffordPhoto: Jamie and his Fans :)Photo: Everybody listening to JamiePhoto: Jamie and his Fairground MixerPhoto: Applaus for JamiePhoto: Jamie showing prototypes of the Fairground MixerPhoto: A variety of the fairground mixer prototypesPhoto: AFOLS in a building competition: Build a landmark of your countryPhoto: The Abyss by Kat and OliverPhoto: The Abyss by Kat and OliverPhoto: The Abyss by Kat and OliverPhoto: Just my two cents :)Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: catt with Lego Designer Mark StaffordPhoto: SwissLug Cottages in SkaerbaekPhoto: The AFOL DinnerPhoto: SwissLug @ AFOL DinnerPhoto: AFOL DinnerPhoto: AFOL DinnerPhoto: AFOL DinnerPhoto: Tormod Askildsen is heading up the Community Engagement and Communications team in the LEGO GroupPhoto: Jørgen Vig Knudstorp - CEO of the TLGPhoto: Marcos Bessa - Lego Designer of...the KRAGLE!!!!!Photo: Steen Sig Andersen - Senior Lego DesignerPhoto: So what is going to happen now???Photo: Yes, they design with the LDD!Photo: During Steens presentation, there is something going on...Photo: Different colours help for the instructions!Photo: The only modern set with a sticker across two bricks!!!Photo: Some unique parts in the 200014 setPhoto: Protoypes and "baked" parts - stresstestedPhoto: Steen showing the set...what does this mean?Photo: ...a special edition for the fanweekend!Photo: Photo: Every AFOL gets one!Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Preparation for the auction!Photo: Rare signed sets!Photo: Photo: A crowded room - waiting for the auction to start.Photo: Photo: Photo: The Train SetPhoto: Built at night :)Photo: Photo: Photo: iphone_photo.jpgPhoto: Photo: iphone_photo.jpgPhoto: iphone_photo.jpgPhoto: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Stephan Sander and his Miniland Scale carsPhoto: The TopGear StudioPhoto: Just before the ENDPhoto: This will be the LEGO HOUSE in BillundPhoto: The Lego House constructionsPhoto: Lego in BillundPhoto: Lego Production Plant in BillundPhoto: Entrance of the Production Plant - cameras to stay outside.Photo: catt taking a Picture of her MOCPhoto: MichaelPhoto: Rolli removing some partsPhoto: Photo: Photo: Photo: MichaelPhoto: RolliPhoto: Photo: