27 Photos - Jun 2, 2014
Photo: A Battlefield Light Railway In WinterPhoto: A British Front LineTrench Firing A Rocket As A Signal To The ArtilleryPhoto: A Front Line Trench On The Western FrontPhoto: A Lewis Machine Gun On The Western FrontPhoto: A Meal In The Front Line TrenchPhoto: A Wiring Party On The Western FrontPhoto: An Early Morning Scene In An Officers Dug-Out In A Front Line TrenchPhoto: An Unusual Type Of Billet For British SoldiersPhoto: British Soldiers Making A Dug Out Jan 1918Photo: British Troops At Ypres Drinking Coffee At A YMCA StallPhoto: British Troops On The Western Front Enjoying Coffee At A YMCA Dug OutPhoto: Rations In The Trenches On The Western FrontPhoto: A German Gun Pit Captured By The Tank In The BackgroundPhoto: A Large Roadside Ammunition Dump Close To The Battle LinePhoto: A Tank Charging A German Barbed Wire EntanglementPhoto: A Tank Trapped In A Mud And Water Logged Ditch On The Western Front Feb 1918Photo: A Tank With The Name Hyacinth Seen Temporarily Trapped In The Second Trench Sstem Of The Hindenberg LinePhoto: British Soldiers Fusing Stoke BombsPhoto: Building A WaterTank At PasschendaelePhoto: Soldiers In The Wiltshire Regiment With Trophies From The Captured German Trenches Of The First And Second Hindenburg Lines Near CambraiPhoto: Tanks On The Western FrontPhoto: The British Tank The Iron DukePhoto: The York And Lancaster Regiment During A Quiet Interval On The Western FrontPhoto: A Pair Of Mules Hauling Out Another That Has Slipped Into A Shell Hole Full Of MudPhoto: A Salvage Dump On The British Western FrontPhoto: A Trench Sentry On The Western Front With A Periscope Camouflaged In SackingPhoto: The Damage Done To Houses In A Village Behind The Lines By A Long Range Random Shell