38 Photos - Jun 7, 2013
Photo: Prime Fabrics Lace (got 5 yards)Photo: Prime FabricsPhoto: Modd silk (didn't get any... regrets, I've had a few)Photo: Pacific trimmings (I think?!) - buttonsPhoto: Pacific trimmings (I think?!) - buttonsPhoto: Pacific trimmings (I think?!) - buttonsPhoto: Paron Fabrics (got a few yards - bugs will lurve me)Photo: Paron Fabrics jacquard - got a few yardsPhoto: Paron Fabrics stretch wovenPhoto: Paron Fabrics stretch wovensPhoto: Paron Fabrics cotton viscosePhoto: Chic Fabrics - oceans of stretch wovens - got 15 yardsPhoto: Standpipe SiamesePhoto: B&J FabricsPhoto: B&J Fabrics - got some for my Didyoumakethat Sewlutions in a Jar - mine's a Pattern Magic book executionPhoto: B&J Fabrics stretch wovensPhoto: B&J Fabrics - chambray rainbowPhoto: B&J Fabrics - Cotton swatches nicely organised - got 2 yardsPhoto: NY Elegant Fabrics - swatch heavenPhoto: NY Elegant Fabrics - wow...Photo: Mood Fabrics - Swatch is going nutsPhoto: Mood Fabrics - heeelp!Photo: Mood Fabrics - toy returned!Photo: Mood Fabrics - cuttingPhoto: Mood Fabrics - Fitting seminar with Cindy Chock - VERY super great!Photo: Steinlauf and Stoller windowPhoto: Daytona Trimmings ric-racPhoto: Daytona Trimmings ribbonsPhoto: Daytona Trimmings bias tapesPhoto: Daytona TrimmingsPhoto: "You makin' a dress? Mm-mm, them bugs in the park will LURVE YOU, yes they will!", said the best man in the world in a singing Southern accent down at Paron Fabrics, and continued: "You from London? The Bridge fallen down yet?".Photo: NY Elegant Fabrics - got some of the shirting on the counter.
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https://www.google.co.uk/maps?layer=c&z=17&sll=40.755131999999996,-73.988976&cid=-7253738272210705438&panoid=kN8owQmkny7_XbW_Vgdekw&cbp=13,30.63433632206563,,0,0&q=NY+Elegant+Fabrics&sa=X&ei=cjuyUaOwEvH20gWxoIHoDA&ved=0CMUBEKAfMAsPhoto: Pilgrimage! Just below is the info kiosk with some seriously knowledgeable people, and mapsPhoto: B&J Fabrics and my fabric shopping bagPhoto: Mood Fabrics - Swatch's bowls by the zipsPhoto: Back home - best unpacking in the world. Stretch woven from Chic Fabrics.Photo: Three silks from Mood. Plan: an Oscar de la Renta knock-off.Photo: 50 yards of fabric! It looks like... not so much (which makes me wonder how much is in my stash already!). Every piece is very loved and has a planned destiny.