64 Photos - Oct 26, 2013
Photo: Best pho tasted throughout Laos trip - only at Vientiane's Pho ZapPhoto: Most common beer in Laos - cheap and great during the hot daysPhoto: Statue of King Setthathirat, in front of Pha That Luang, who moved the capital from Luang Prabang to Vientiane in 1566Photo: Pha That Luang, or Great Scared Stupa. Most iconic structure for Vientiane and LaosPhoto: Golded sleeping buddha next door to Pha That LuangPhoto: Look at Ha PhakeoPhoto: Laos is also a hot spot for the neighouring Thais. Two Thai ladies all dressed up for their weekend in Vientiane.Photo: Buddha statues collection at Ha Phakeo , now a museum to house Buddhist artworksPhoto: Wat Sisaket at VientianePhoto: More Buddha statues at Wat Sisaket, only ancient temple to survive the destruction of Vientiane by Siam in 1828Photo: Plenty of Buddha statues found at all four walls encircling Wat SisaketPhoto: Choice of BBQ items for dinner at VientianePhoto: Tad Sanam lower pool, after a 1.5km walk through quiet forest. There is also the upper tiers if one has more time and energy to walk to. Photo compliments of Yeoh SK.Photo: Our stay at Ban Nahin, gateway to Tad Sanam waterfall and Konglor cavesPhoto: Look at blue/green pool just in front of Konglor caves.Photo: Look at Konglor cave mouth. We took a tail-boat ride inside the 7.5km cave section to the other end for our village homestay at Ban NatanPhoto: Some amazing cave formations midway through the boat ride, explored on foot.Photo: Shy but curious local childPhoto: Cows here look well-fed, hence the popularity of beef as a meatPhoto: Look at our tailboat which took us through Konglor cavesPhoto: Group briefing during our village homestay at Ban NatanPhoto: Look at some of the local village houses.Photo: Common way of cooking sticky rice - main staple for Lao. The locals consume this for nearly all meals, including breakfast.Photo: Basic but comfortable beddings for our village homestay. Later additions included mosquito nettings.Photo: Village ladies spend their free time doing lots of weavingPhoto: Village children amused by us outsidersPhoto: River behind Ban Natan village where everyone goes to wash up etcPhoto: Women performing their morning prayers and food presentation to the monks at village templePhoto: Our simple breakfast complete with sticky rice, fried eggs and stir-fried vegetables.Photo: Awaiting baci ceremony, where the village elders will blessed us with safe journey aheadPhoto: Village ladies, some of whom hosted our group membersPhoto: Presenting some gifts brought from home to the local village school.Photo: Scenic view of Vang Vieng. Our guesthouse is situated right next to Nam Song riverPhoto: Another great view of our guesthouse besides Nam Song riverPhoto: Open-air breakfast with a viewPhoto: Starting our Vang Vieng activity day with a river crossing to a collection of cavesPhoto: Our journey around Vang Vieng and across Laos was filled with views of sticky rice fields laden with ripening stalksPhoto: Close up of the beloved sticky ricePhoto: Walking past ripening rice fieldsPhoto: Found a unique fruiting plant, which attracts lots of birds.Photo: Buddha statues inside caves @ Vang ViengPhoto: Having some tubing fun into Water CavePhoto: Finishing our activity day with kayaking down Nam Song riverPhoto: Some basic instructions before getting on the riverPhoto: Kayaking is relatively easy with small rapids along the wayPhoto: Having a stop along our kayaking trip to enjoy a beer, and some sporty fun!Photo: Local dinner compliments from our wonderful host. Sticky rice accompanied by bamboo shoots, stir-fried ferns and fish laap (minced fish with lotsa mint)Photo: Small local market at Vang ViengPhoto: Stalls selling noodlesPhoto: More exotic fare at Vang Vieng's market. Grubs are bamboo worms (great after being fried up) and rice field mice.Photo: Locals here do consumed more exotic meat, which includes batsPhoto: Happy goats feeding at Vang Vieng Organic FarmPhoto: Local school kids walking home for their lunch break. Delighted when we offered them a ride in our tuk tuk as we were heading to Blue LagoonPhoto: Blue Lagoon - wonderful place to chill out and enjoy some water fun!Photo: Some colorful scarves on sale made by the localsPhoto: Weaving loomPhoto: Group stopping besides a small village stall selling handmade scarvesPhoto: Local ladies in their evening boat practice runs for the weekend boat race. Apparently the stronger Vang Vieng ladies team can outdo the men teams.Photo: Two men teams in their boat practicePhoto: Hot air balloon spotted across the Vang Vieng's sky - perfect ending to our short stay here.Photo: Look at the mountain range during our road journey from Vang Vieng to Luang PrabangPhoto: Beautiful yellow flower during our lunch stop midway through our mountain road journey to Luang PrabangPhoto: Another beautiful red flower found during our mountain road journey.Photo: Amazing view from the toilet stop - well worth the little fee paid.