19 Photos - Mar 5, 2013
Photo: Erin Orme, Chairman of KTA (Kiribati Tungaru Association) selects a raffle ticket - offered by Chris Luxton Chairman of PISUKI. Also in the picture: Margaret Taylor, PISUKI Editor/Council MemberPhoto: Erin Orme, Chairman of KTA, Kiribati Tungaru AssociationPhoto: Photo: The Junior Holos and Kiaps did rather well in the raffle (!)Photo: A raffle prize for Rosanna Raymond, on the far right.  [Winning ticket drawn by Rosanna's friend, Mark Hamilton who also won champagne and the book Rosanna wanted!]Photo: PISUKI Member, Vicky Glass (SI) and Oe Jameson  (PNG) Council Member, who masterminded the catering..Photo: Dr Helen Clerk selects a raffle ticketPhoto: Victor Lal (Fiji) draws a winning ticket.  
In the background Rosa from West Papua and Paul Barber (TAPOL).
On the right Charlotte JenkinsPhoto: Standing (in blue) Dr Christian Clerk, PISUKI Vice-Chairman,
who kindly organised the music and acted as DJ.Photo: Photo: Students who travelled from far - Felix Kipalan (PNG Chevening Scholar/Leeds); Fr Nigel Kalaepa (SI Chevening Scholar/Leeds), Collette Tsiperau (PNG/Leicester), Robin Oge (PNG/Oxford); and Oala Muttucumaraswamy (PNG)  Photo courtesy of Collette.Photo: Rosa Moiwend (Chevening Scholar from Indonesia/West Papua); Fr Nigel Kelaepa (Commonwealth Scholar from Solomon Islands), Robin Oge (PNG), Oala and on the right, Kelly Ezenaka.  [Photo courtesy of Felix Kipalan.]Photo: Norman and Mena Shackley, who manned the bar all evening. Norman is the former Chairman of British Friends of Vanuatu (BFoV) [Picture courtesy of Felix Kipalan, studying in Leeds.]Photo: Vina Kiap and family. [Photo courtesy of Felix Kipalan.]Photo: Collette Tsiperau, studying in Leicester, and
Felix Kipalan, Chevening Scholar in Leeds.
[Photo courtesy of Felix.]Photo: On the left, the Revd Nigel Kalaepa (Commonwealth Scholar from SI) studying in Leeds, and Reggie Balavu. On the right, taking the picture Collette Tsiperau.  [Photo courtesy of Felix Kipalan.]Photo: Chris Luxton, present Chairman of Pacific Islands Society; Aru Honeysett, PISUKI Council Member (SI); and David Waters (Chris's brother) who helped with Admin.  [Photo courtesy of Felix Kipalan.]Photo: A Solomon Islands Trio (in descending order of height..) - PISUKI members, Philip Champness & Vicky Glass, and Aru Honeysett, PISUKI Council Member. [Photo courtesy of Vicky Glass.]Photo: Pacific Islands Society of the UK & Ireland. Ever wondered about the Society's logo? It depicts the traditional outrigger canoe of the Islands - hence the name of our Newsletter, The Outrigger. Members of Council: Dr Christian Clerk, Vice Chairman (Cook Islands/New Zealand)/Open University; Canon Rex Davis, Secretary (Fiji/Australia); David Evans, Membership Secretary (Kiribati); John Wilson, Treasurer (Tuvalu/Fiji); Vernon Scarborough, Diplomatic Liaison Officer (Fiji/Kiribati); Dr Michael Scott (Solomon Islands)/LSE; Norman Shackley (Vanuatu); Canon Brian Macdonald-Milne (Solomon Islands/PNG); Oe Jameson (Papua New Guinea); Tom Hughes (Solomon Islands). Dr Ben Burt, Editor (Solomon Islands)/British Museum; Bojana Barltrop (Fiji); Agnes Henson-Derby (Kiribati); Laisani Jioji (Fiji); Chris Luxton, Chairman (PNG/Solomon Islands); Margaret Taylor, Editor (New Caledonia); Roy Smith (Pacific)/Nottingham Trent University.