40 Photos - Oct 7, 2014
Photo: Nyendo-lernen's Irmgard Wutte visiting Bangladesh, Mombasa.Photo: Will introduction giving an introduciton to community currency in Kawangware - at Nyendo sponsored schoolsPhoto: Alfred Sigo giving an into to Bangla-Pesa in NairobiPhoto: Bangla-Pesa being viewed in NairobiPhoto: Bangla-Pesa being viewed in NairobiPhoto: Nairobi's Kawangware slum - area 56 - near proposed Gatina-Pesa locationPhoto: A meeting to discuss Gatina-Pesa in schools for school feesPhoto: The initial Gatina Pesa team - along with Paul Mwololo and Emma Onyango from Bangla-PesaPhoto: School children working on the Gatina-Pesa artworkPhoto: Meeting the local area Minister of Parliament Hon. Simba AratiPhoto: Richard working on a Gatina-Pesa posterPhoto: Richard interviewing potential Gatina-Pesa membersPhoto: Francis Wanjala and WIll Ruddick outside the launch venuePhoto: The Survey teamPhoto: The core Gatina-Pesa team preparing to launchPhoto: Gatina Business Organization with large Gatina-Pesa in background - preparing to launch meetingPhoto: Gatina-Pesa at the printer in GermanyPhoto: Gatina-Pesa hot off the press in GermanyPhoto: Dolores from Nyendo-lernen and Will Ruddick sorting the Gatina-Pesa for allotments during the launchPhoto: UV security layer with fibers on Gatina HamsiniPhoto: Oct 11th Gatina-Pesa Launch MarchPhoto: MP Hon. Simba Arati holding up Gatina-Pesa HamsiniPhoto: Registration queuePhoto: Photo: Launch EventPhoto: Will Ruddick giving a seminar at the University of Nairobi on Community CurrenciesPhoto: Selling Sugar with Gatina-PesaPhoto: Selling Lamp Oil with Gatina pesaPhoto: Selling pirated movies with Gatina-PesaPhoto: Gatina-Pesa mascotPhoto: A general shop accepting Gatina-PesaPhoto: A butchery accepting Gatina-PesaPhoto: A pharmacy accepting Gatina-PesaPhoto: Chariman Francis Wanjala next to Sifa school - accepting Gatina-Pesa for school feesPhoto: Valentines Day 2015 Community Cleanup - with Area ChiefPhoto: Valentines Day 2015 Community Cleanup - with local businesses and schools all taking part - with support from a community fund in Gatina-PesaPhoto: Valentines Day 2015 Community CleanupPhoto: Millionaire Shop using 400 Gatina-Pesa every day!Photo: Njoroge selling used furniturePhoto: Njoroge selling used furniture