67 Photos - Mar 30, 2013
Photo: Bangla-Pesa and sticker ready to enter community. http://koru.or.kePhoto: Bangladesh Kenya, Looking out towards Mombasa Kenya. Map here: http://goo.gl/maps/ERtyQ
See program details here: http://koru.or.ke/banglaPhoto: Initial community introductions and currency simulations: http://koru.or.ke/Complementary_Currency_Meetings_Nov_2012Photo: http://koru.or.ke/Complementary_Currency_Meetings_Nov_2012Photo: Our Bangla-Pesa artist Karol Opondo http://koru.or.ke/banglaPhoto: Alfred Sigo preparing materials for a large community meeting http://koru.or.ke/BBN-Meeting-Jan-2013Photo: http://koru.or.ke/BBN-Meeting-Jan-2013Photo: http://koru.or.ke/BBN-Meeting-Jan-2013Photo: http://koru.or.ke/BBN-Meeting-Jan-2013Photo: Focus group discussions with business owners http://koru.or.ke/BBN-Meeting-Jan-2013Photo: Videos of similar activities in other areas. http://koru.or.ke/BBN-Meeting-Jan-2013Photo: Lunch http://koru.or.ke/BBN-Meeting-Jan-2013Photo: Network Diagram http://koru.or.ke/BBN-Meeting-Jan-2013Photo: The BBN committee holding the network diagram showing various businesses int he community http://koru.or.ke/BBN-Comittee-Meeting-March-2013Photo: Two business owners working on registration in the network. http://koru.or.kePhoto: The BBN committee working on Business registrations and constitution http://koru.or.ke/BBN-Comittee-Meeting-March-2013Photo: Packaging Bangla-Pesa http://koru.or.kePhoto: Heading to community with Morgan Richards and a security escort holding the Bangla-Pesa Basket. http://koru.or.kePhoto: Procession into community http://koru.or.kePhoto: Drama (Performed by Alpha and Omega youth group) - explaining Bangla-Pesa. (the Bangla-Pesa basket can be seen in front of them) http://koru.or.kePhoto: Meeting at the St. Patricks Hall http://koru.or.kePhoto: Working on membership forms http://koru.or.kePhoto: Community discussions http://koru.or.kePhoto: Those with completed membership forms including guarenteeors, recieving Bangla-Pesa http://koru.or.kePhoto: Checking UV security layer on the Bangla-Pesa http://koru.or.kePhoto: Bangla-Pesa security UV ink layer http://koru.or.kePhoto: Recieving Bangla-Pesa and sticker http://koru.or.kePhoto: The Bangla-Pesa Committee with Josephat Kioko from the Eco-Pesa program and Freddy Kowas from Koru http://koru.or.kePhoto: Rose Oloo working on new Bangladesh Business Network registrations http://koru.or.kePhoto: Will Ruddick and Alfred Sigo looking over BBN registration http://koru.or.kePhoto: BBN Members being issued Bangla-Pesa http://koru.or.kePhoto: BBN Member shop-keeper working with Bangla-Pesa http://koru.or.kePhoto: BBN Member cobbler working with Bangla-Pesa http://koru.or.kePhoto: BBN Member business selling charcoal with Bangla-Pesa http://koru.or.kePhoto: BBN Committee Members touring the community looking for registered members http://koru.or.kePhoto: BBN Member business selling samosas with Bangla-Pesa http://koru.or.kePhoto: BBN Member business selling mandazi with Bangla-Pesa http://koru.or.kePhoto: BBN Member Business using Bangla-Pesa http://koru.or.kePhoto: May 2013 - We were taken to court after nights sleeping on the jail floor, and charged with forgery.Photo: Current charges: Forgery under Kenyan Penal Code 367(e).Photo: ReLaunch ProcessionPhoto: ReLaunch (Chief of Police) launching the Bangla-KumiPhoto: St Mary's Bangladesh, Kenya Primary SchoolsPhoto: Peke Dancing with Minister of Parliament Hon. BadiPhoto: Speaker for County Assembly and Ward Representative with a Bangla-HamsiniPhoto: Photo: Photo: Minister of  Parliament Hon. receiving Twalib recieving a Bangla-TanoPhoto: Will Ruddick shaking hands with Minister of  Parliament Hon. Badi TwalibPhoto: Happy reLaunchPhoto: ReLaunch Afterglow with Alfred Sigo, Rose Oloo, Goudencia and Silvia Osodo and mtoto kidigoPhoto: Local churches accepting offerings in Bangla-PesaPhoto: Alfred Sigo, a youth leader helping mobilize for Bangla-PesaPhoto: Alfred Sigo, a youth leader helping mobilize for Bangla-PesaPhoto: Alfred Sigo, a youth leader helping mobilize for Bangla-PesaPhoto: Will Ruddick the program founderPhoto: Caroline Dama and Will RuddickPhoto: Mombasa County Government Officials.Photo: Emma Onyango, WIll RUddick and Hon. Twalib BadiPhoto: A youth checking out the Bangla-PesaPhoto: Building materialsPhoto: CarpenterPhoto: SalonPhoto: traveling yeast salemansPhoto: Photo: General shopPhoto: Primary school headmaster and pupils