41 Photos - Apr 10, 2011
Photo: आलेल्या सभासदांच्या चहापानाची सोय !Photo: Introduction of the Chefs Vandana Shetty and Mrunalini PanditPhoto: Glamorous Chef Team 
Vandana Shetty and Bindiya BhatiaPhoto: Sweet Begining of the showPhoto: The audiencePhoto: And the Demo begins.....Photo: The making of BrowniePhoto: The Consistency checkPhoto: some expert helpPhoto: The GREAT Dessert QueenPhoto: The batter itself is so  tempting !!Photo: The Tray goes to the OvenPhoto: And here...... the Brownie is READYYYYYYYYY !!Photo: The MOST Delicious Coffee Pudding...ready to eat !!Photo: Another Chef in actionPhoto: This is the First SaladPhoto: Engrossed Audience !Photo: Photo: Some Tasting in between .......Photo: Another yummy salad in makingPhoto: The Next onePhoto: One more...... since dil mange more.....Photo: Photo: some expert handling !!!Photo: And here is the presentation !!Photo: Two little mice under the TreePhoto: Photo: Some Sandwich tastingPhoto: Tasty bitesPhoto: Photo: Mouth Watering Brownie is ready ......Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Happy and excited Tasters !!Photo: Photo: Photo: AppreciationPhoto: Gift of LovePhoto: Photo: Feeling of accomplishment !!