126 Photos - Jun 5, 2013
Photo: Driving to Poughkeepsie. The drives were the funnest part of the trip. We got to see such beautiful parts of New York, Pennsylvania, Vermont and Canada.Photo: It is hard to pass the Scranton sign without pulling off the freeway for a little detour.Photo: Photo: We met Ilyas for the first time.Photo: Feraz putting all his Chacha skills to work.Photo: Yes.Photo: Behind the estate.Photo: Getting Feraz to smile in a picture takes some covert tickling.Photo: Playing frisbee outside the Vanderbilt estate.Photo: Two men and a baby.Photo: Photo: Getting a baby to smile for the camera is not for the faint of heart.Photo: There you go!Photo: Trying to practice how to take family pictures.Photo: A little better.Photo: That will have to do.Photo: Outtake. 

Ilyas: "Take me back to my trailer!"Photo: An attempt with all the boys.Photo: Behind the estate.Photo: Goodbye New York!Photo: On to Vermont!Photo: See that door behind me? Remember the door.Photo: This dog came running through that red door and almost gave me a heart attack. This was the only time he was still enough to take a picture.Photo: Mostly he was in action, running around. He was so good though, so I forgave him for scaring me.Photo: Just one of the random beautiful lakes we came across.Photo: Late night ice cream. The kids working there were so nice and patient while we decided on our order. When Feraz went to pay, they said they already had closed and it was for free. I can't believe they were on their way home and still so sweet when we showed up.Photo: At the Norman Rockwell exhibit in Manchester, Vermont.Photo: The view from our room.Photo: Hiking in Mount Equinox.Photo: Nomnomnom.Photo: Robin's Lookout.Photo: The pond.Photo: I made Feraz take this picture because I am a budbuddingding.Photo: More.Photo: I gave Feraz that shirt about ten years ago.Photo: This is the nature portion of the album.Photo: Lovely.Photo: Allahuakbar.Photo: Dandelions are flowers too.Photo: Sometimes I like for Feraz to stop the car and pick flowers for me.Photo: Checking them to make sure no animals recently peed on them.Photo: "They are ok!"Photo: Lovely. Too bad they died the next day. Don't kill flowers people. But if you must, make sure to post them on the internet so they don't die in vain.Photo: Our inn was in such an idyllic location. We took a lovely, long walk before heading to Burlington.Photo: Feraz kept trying to get me to run through that field and I kept saying, "It's private property!!" #lame #lawyeringkillsgoodsoulsPhoto: We are going to jump to the future for a moment. These train tracks were in Manchester, VT but we would encounter another set of train tracks right before getting back to DC. We weren't sure we were going the right way so Feraz pulled off the freeway and pulled on to a side road. It was really dark and we were tired after about 12 hours of driving so we didn't notice the train tracks. Until... a train was coming right at us!! I looked up and just a little distance away, a train was coming straight at the car. Its horn was blaring and I yelled, "Feraz, the train is going to hit us!" Feraz just stared at the train with the most casual look on his face. Thankfully, our car was just ahead of the train or 30 would have been it. Without realizing it, we had parked on the gravely part next to the tracks. Feraz's explanation for not doing anything, "Well I figured there was no way I could move the car in time, so if it was going to happen, it was going to happen." Balls of steel.Photo: Back to our regularly scheduled album. The stories that house could tell.Photo: We love us some tractors.Photo: These ducks were swimming against the current and kept getting pushed pack. They swam in a zig zag and protected the little ducklings. One day that will be Feraz and me with our four little ducklings between us. God Willing!Photo: I always have the best view.Photo: We did a Robert Frost nature walk in Ripton, VT close to where he lived. It was actually not too cheesy and I loved it.Photo: Ahhh... it is easy to see what inspired his work.Video: We had a snake encounter and then made this video.Photo: One of my favorite poems ever.Photo: Deep.Photo: Fly fishing.Photo: We stopped in Middlebury for lunch and they had these pianos set up everywhere for people to play.Photo: I was napping at one point, and when I woke up we were parked in front of a giant teddy bear factory. Feraz almost bought this so he would have a friend in DC.Photo: This is Amurica!Photo: Burlington!Photo: Nomnomnom.Photo: Photo: Cider mill. Haha.Photo: Feraz found a tractor and wished he was back in Pakistan.Photo: Photo: After the cider mill tour, we went on a Ben&Jerrys tour. #fattiesPhoto: The tour was amazing! We are committed to Ben&Jerrys ice cream for life now.Photo: Feraz made us drive an hour and a half to see this library... luckily the guy working there was really intelligent and talking to him made the drive out there worth it.Photo: Gorgeous.Photo: Photo: Endless green on the drives.Photo: Double rainbow!!Photo: Wait... what?Photo: We went on a lovely 20 mile bike ride that went through parks, neighborhoods and the waterfront.Photo: But gorgeous doesn't come for free! Our second snake encounter of the trip.Photo: But so worth it.Photo: I was actually scared when I first started biking here. I kept imagining my bike going off the rocks and me drowning because I don't know how to swim.Photo: But I got over it.Photo: I told Feraz to look cool for this picture. Nailed it.Photo: Lunch break.Photo: It was the most perfect day for biking! (and sailing).Photo: One of many creemee stops. Goodbye Burlington!Photo: We got to Montreal and the first place we headed to was Halal 786. We both agreed that it was the best place we have eaten in the world. It knocked our last favorite place out after a three year run (a hole in the wall in Turkey).Photo: I think this is the first picture in history that Feraz actually asked me to take. Reading on the balcony in our Montreal rental.Video: This was an awesome exhibit that was just in a public area in Montreal. Its called the Clockmaker and I highly recommend watching the whole thing.Photo: Another awesome public exhibit.Photo: I was craving pastries so bad. We found the most amazing place on this little street. That is custard oozing out of the sides. Nomnomnom.Photo: After biking around Montreal (on the third best bike route in the world??? Although I don't think it compared to our VT bike ride), we stopped to check out a local market. It was amazing.Photo: Fruits.Photo: Veggies.Photo: Jams. Goodbye Montreal!Photo: After Montreal, we headed to Missagua to visit Feraz's old friend Mustafa. This is his hilarious son.Photo: Birthdays start early for us. Feraz surprised me with pastries for breakfast.Photo: Nomnomnom.Photo: Feraz and his dear friend. Goodbye Misasassaassaasassgua!Photo: We had so much fun with Feraz's friends, we almost missed the last Maid of the Mist tour at Niagara Falls (the purpose of our whole trip!). Feraz parked the car at 6:35 and we ran towards the ferris wheel looking for where to buy tickets. We ran down the main road once we saw the water and just made it on to the last boat! Woo-hoo! One thing we have learned traveling together- when one person says, "Run!" just do it and ask questions later.Photo: "All this for you!"Photo: We got to see so many beautiful rainbows on our trip!Photo: Ahhhh... Subhan'Allah.Photo: Without that pesky rainbow in the way.Photo: Being under the mist was so much fun. It was just a hundred asians yelling as they got soaked. Amazing! The budbud in me rejoiced.Photo: This guy was cool.Photo: Crepe break!Photo: I have eaten four pastries today... should I eat some more?Photo: Of course.Photo: After checking in, we ran back to the falls to see the sunset and realized we were on the wrong side!Photo: Our new friend, the amazingly talented, c.d. He sang Simple Twist of Fate with a birthday verse! What a man!Photo: We realized we could see the sunset if we got on the sky wheel! Doing my mom face while waiting for our ride.Photo: This guy almost attacked us on the sky wheel.Photo: Caught Feraz singing.Photo: We finally realized that we have a timer on the camera.Photo: Feraz's picking a karaoke song face. We did Wonderwall because when it is your birthday, you can be as cheesy as you want!Photo: We did a "Nightmares" scary house and Feraz lost his mind in there. He wanted to leave within about twenty seconds of entering.Photo: He kept saying, "This is messed up, this is messed up." When he wasn't making those faces and screaming, that is.Photo: Pretty at night.Photo: Birthday dinner! #keepingitreal #wedowhatwewantPhoto: Makeshift birthday cake. #timhortonloversPhoto: The falls at night.Photo: Part 2.Photo: The falls at sunrise.Photo: Part II.Photo: Part III for the birds.Photo: Part IV for the sky.Photo: Another day, another pastry breakfast.Photo: Checking out the whirlpool on our way out. The drive home was a long 13 hours but filled with so much beauty. Upstate New York and Pennsylvania were making us high. Feraz kept saying, "Bring the people here, show them this and they will never do drugs again." He said that about seven times. In a row. And he meant it.Photo: